Retailers Reach Consumers This Holiday Season

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While the holiday season is often supposed to be a time to relax and recuperate, in contrast, it is the busiest time for retailers. Although having the city at our disposal is extremely convenient, with unpredictable weather and schedules, online shopping has become a go-to method for many. Retailers have worked to make online platforms even more convenient, enjoyable, and luxurious for their loyal customers during this holiday season.

The better the experience, the more online consumers are going to order. In addition, shopping online eliminates the issue of how much one can carry while walking down the streets of Manhattan and how time consuming holiday shopping really can be. When it comes to ordering holiday gifts online, the sky is the limit.

In order to appeal to consumers, the movement of rich media is necessary. Retail websites try to create an experience for consumers, as close to in-store as possible. The solution of the Zoom, 360-degree views and video content features, allows for online shoppers to visualize themselves with an item and able to decipher the quality of a product. These features allow for customers to make the final decision of clicking “add to shopping cart.”

While luxury and detail is how retailers aim to please, they also make efforts to “keep it simple” in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Retailers work to give their consumers fast access to purchase their holiday wish list. They can find these items through the grid page search, allowing customers to quickly browse through a selection of products that fall into one broad category. This makes for quick and easy finds for everyone, and for a user-friendly page.

The beauty of online shopping is that it can be taken anywhere. Consumers are able to order from their laptop, mobile device, or tablet anywhere at any time. This is a trend that is not going away. To make the entity of online shopping appealing, retailers have learned to resort to adaptive design and dynamic imaging technology, which work together to resize content to fit to any screen and adapt to the experience. Retailers are now able to deliver a five star experience, no matter how their consumer engages with their site.

Before panicking about last minute gifts, realize that retailers have worked this season to appeal to the public. Rich media content allows for an experience that is as close to in-store as possible, and that adaptive media allows shoppers to take that experience with them anywhere. This holiday season continues to create satisfied consumers and successful retailers.

-Deirdre McAndrew



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