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by | Aug 7, 2017 | Health & Fitness, Nutrition

If you’re anything like us, you love a good juice. And with the heat we’ve been experiencing this summer, staying hydrated is important. But staying hydrated doesn’t just mean guzzling down water, there are many beverages — juice included — to help keep your water intake up.

One of our new go-to juices are the ones from Biotta. With ten different varieties, there are plenty to choose from, and they each come with a punch of vitamins and minerals, meaning you’re not only keeping your hydration in check — there are other added benefits to adding a glass of juice to your daily diet.

Downtown had a chance to talk to Matt Herzog, President of Biotta’s U.S. distributor, about its juices and history, his current favorite and what makes Biotta special in the juice industry.

Biotta has been around since 1931 – what’s the secret behind staying on the market for this long?

Matt Herzog: Founded in Switzerland in 1931 by Dr. Hugo Brandenberger, Biotta, has remained dedicated to our original goal of producing top-quality juice from vegetables and fruits just as nature intended–fresh from the field into the bottle. Biotta produced and launched our first line of juices in 1957 and is now sold in more than 40 countries. Established in business for 60 years, including 40 years in the U.S., Biotta is one of the top selling functional juice brands in the world. The secret to Biotta’s success is the unique combination of great taste, high quality ingredient and processes, and a focus on health and wellness. 

What do you think has been key to Biotta’s success? 

MH: As mentioned above, the key is really the combination of superior vegetables and fruits, superior processing techniques and Swiss quality throughout. Over the years, Biotta has farmed more than 1,700 acres of chemical-, fertilizer-, and toxic-free land — a very rare find among today’s farmland. Along with three generations of family farmers, Biotta has established reliable and scientific organic growing techniques, protecting the natural wholesomeness and taste of all ingredients. Biotta juices use only natural and physical processing methods as opposed to commonly used chemical methods. Production routines at Biotta have a direct impact on the quality of the juices: the fewer processing steps, the higher the nutritional value.

What does a normal day of work look like for you? 

MH: One of the things I love about my job is the routine varies from day-to-day. Some days find me in the office working on sales and marketing plans or tasting potential new juices, other days I am at our warehouse where we receive shipments in from Switzerland and ship out to customers. I also travel some, not only seeing customers and attending trade shows, but also visiting our factory in Switzerland and the fields where are ingredients are grown.

When not a work, what do you enjoy to do? 

MH: I love spending time with my wife and two children, as well as playing tennis.

Out of the ten juices, can you tell us which one is your favorite?

MH: It shifts around and is often whatever is our newest creation. Right now, it’s our Apple Beet Ginger juice, which delivers the health benefits of Beet juice, but with a wonderful, fresh taste!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Biotta?

MH: Cold, right out of the bottle… I like Apple Beet Ginger with my breakfast to give me energy for the day and Tart Cherry before bed to improve my sleep.

How often does Biotta come out with a new juice? How much experimenting goes on?

MH: Over the last few years, we’ve launched 1 to 2 new juices per year. We are constantly trying new things and looking at new ideas – someone just put me onto mixing Beet and Carrot juices, and it was delicious. At the same time, in order to produce excellent, high-quality organic juices, we spend a lot of time on research, development, production and quality assurance to be sure that each new juice matches our high standards.


Juices look to be an ever-growing market, but what makes Biotta different from other juice brands? 

MH: Biotta’s attention to quality throughout the manufacturing process is critical to delivering the best juice. We focus on one basic principle throughout our process: the fewer the processing steps, the higher the nutritional value of the juice.

First, we pick our vegetables and fruits at the peak of ripeness to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Next, we decant the juice from the vegetables and fruits very quickly after harvest. Instead of pressing the juice, which can damage the nutrients, we use a gentle process of centrifugation to separate the juice from the mash. Then, we put the juice into our proprietary production process. Our process excludes oxygen as much as possible, hindering oxidation and the resulting loss of vitamins and flavor.

Biotta juices are never from concentrate. They are processed without any water removal or reconstitution, producing a fresher tasting, better-for-you juice. With pasteurization, we use a lower temperature to maintain quality and nutrients. Our juice is packaged in 100% non-gas-permeable glass bottles. Glass provides the best product protection and prevents undesired external elements (oxygen) from permeating the product, resulting in the best quality juice.

Finally, what’s in store for Biotta?
 Anything new and exciting coming up?

MH: 2016 was a record year for us and we look to continue building on that. Right now, we’re focused on our new Apple Beet Ginger juice and developing the next great new flavor!

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