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Smartphones have a number of amenities that we all know and love, especially the high quality camera. Digital photography is practical, economical, and accessible, especially for modern consumers. The high-quality camera is great, but causes us to not physically do anything with the pictures we take. Although posting pictures to Instagram or Facebook is an easy way to share with others, it takes the meaning away from photography. Luckily, there is a product coming soon to the technological market that will end this problem.

Prynt has created the answer to all of our problems pertaining to digital photography. This French startup has created the smartphone case we have all been waiting for. The case contains a printer and special photo paper to quickly print Polaroid-style photos on-the go. Priced at, $99, this case will help print pictures immediately after they are taken. The Prynt case is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4. Prynt allows for this phone case to double as an instant camera. Printing has finally become as easy as uploading photos online.

Although the digital age is in full force, tangible photographs are much more meaningful. As consumers, we value how fast and easy uploading photos has become. We also miss the intimacy of photo albums, Polaroids, and pictures in frames. The project is already funded and almost 2,000 supporters have pledged almost a quarter million dollars for Prynt through a Kickstart campaign. If you are a photo fantastic pre-order a Prynt phone case if you are simply lively, techy, and trendy!

-by Deirdre McAndrew


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