How To Rejuvenate Your Body After Pregnancy

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Kirk Myers, top celebrity fitness trainer, knows what it feels like to have stretch marks and feel insecure about loose stomach skin. Even though he didn’t go through pregnancy, he lost 100 pounds and it’s left some reminders of the bad old days. So our maternal Health and Fitness Editor can relate to pregnant women.

Here are several strategies to rejuvenate your post pregnancy skin.

One of the side effects after child birth is loose skin. Kirk recommends, skin-firming creams to apply on the stomach and thighs twice daily. Some of the best include Lamaze Post-Pregnancy Rejuvenating Cream and Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Plus.

Another strategy is to breastfeed. Not only is it healthy and nutritious for the baby, it is high in fat and you are getting it out of your body. Breast feeding enables you to burn up to 500 calories a day.

Protein is the ticket to helping restore lean muscle. Add protein-rich such as fish, chicken, turkey breast, spinach, and nuts to your diet and combine with regular exercise to improves muscle tone and provide the body with tons of nutrients such as collagen to help regain your skin’s elasticity. Following this step even during pregnancy will aid the body post pregnancy when skin elasticity can be a concern.

For keeping that healthy glow in your skin even long after you give birth, creams can be helpful. The best ones are collagen-based, and include Reviva Labs Elastin and Collagen Body Firming Lotion or St. Ives Collagen/Elastin Lotion. Collagen is a skin-tightening agent which restores elasticity to the skin. Also, creams with Vitamin E are effective for maintaining healthy skin. In addition, cocoa butter rich in healthy omega fatty acids and antioxidants helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Last but not least, drink tons of water. This simple rule can sometimes be overlooked. Water helps during nursing and by keeping yourself hydrated you prevent your skin from becoming dry and losing vital nutrients.



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