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Photo: Courtesy of Plum Print

One of the first things a parent of a preschooler will realize is that children and artwork go hand in hand. The second realization is that a large amount of arts and crafts projects will be brought home on a regular basis. This means that parents will have to make tough decisions on what art will remain in the house and what art will be tossed in the trash.

Carolyn Lanzetta, a former Wall Street trader, was at a loss on what to do with the children’s art keepsakes. Lanzetta asked her friends with older kids for advice and none of them had a solution on how to deal with the volume of art that was piling up at home.

As the mother of two girls explained, she decided to photograph the art that her preschoolers were bringing home and incorporate the massive amounts of art into a photo book. As word spread about her photo books, she began getting requests to make them for others. In 2012, she partnered with co-founder Meg Ragland, who is a former health and fitness editor, and together they decided to launch a new and innovative business called Plum Print.

plum print

Plum Print co-founders Carolyn Lanzetta and Meg Ragland pose with their girls. Photo: Courtesy of Plum Print

The customer submits a request for a “Plum Parcel”, which is an overnight box that is shipped to the home, which the customer fills with their child’s artwork. The art-filled box is then sent back to Plum Print for the photo book creation. Their unique business allows art projects to be saved and photographed, and the result is a beautiful coffee table book.

Kids love to see their work displayed so elegantly and parents love the books for gifts and for keeping a snapshot of their children’s projects. Children often burst with pride when they see their artwork on full display via the Plum Print book.

With a new brand ambassador program as well as a school partnership program, Plum Print is creating amazing programs for families and school age children. The company continues to expand and grow, and is on track for another successful year.

How do you balance work life versus home life?

Balancing work with children is a challenge and many working moms can relate to the struggle of finding the ability to separate family time versus work time. Lanzetta makes it a priority to focus on her kids in the evening. She tries to equally balance her work and family time by focusing on each one separately, and taking a chunk of time out of her day to solely concentrate on family.

What have you done to make the transition from work life versus home life easier?

One idea that has worked for Lanzetta is establishing an office outside of her home. However, she acknowledges that this can be tough financially for a start up. But, she appreciates the separation of home versus work, and it has allowed her to focus on where to draw the line between work and home.

Favorite Spots with Kids

Hudson River Park, Ice Skating at the Standard, Chelsea Piers Water Park, Gramercy Park

NYC Favorite Museums

Children’s Museum of the Arts, The Bronx Zoo, The Math Museum

Life in NYC

Favorite destinations covered a wide net. But, her appreciation extends from specific places and more about the enormity of the city itself and the ability to be outside with her kids. She loves the diversity of the city, and the fact that NYC inspires creativity. Anything outdoors makes her appreciate the city life. Getting the kids on scooters and bikes is always fun for her and her family.

Plum Print can be found online and also be on the lookout for their new brand ambassadors!

 – Denise Courter

Denise Courter is the Founder of FiDi, an online destination for Lower Manhattan families. She is also a brand ambassador and a Today Parenting Team contributor.

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