Pinch Parties Event at The Kitchen Table Was a Party Planner’s Wonderland

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Downtown Living, Editor's Pick, Lifestyle


Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Cyr of Cyrience

We had the pleasure of attending Pinch Parties creator, Julia Capalino’s day-breaker event at The Kitchen Table. The two companies are partnering up to create an incredible deal for party planners. Now you can book an event through pinch parties, complete with a reservation in The Kitchen Table’s beautiful event space. When walking into The Kitchen Table, the first notable aspect (other than the delicious spread of breakfast food on the countertop) was owner, Grace Park’s kitchen space, stocked full of artful amenities.  A long table in the dining area was set to preview the beautiful ambiance that Capalino and team can create for any prospective event, complete with flower arrangements and personal-sized champagne. It is the perfect space for hosting events ranging from corporate meetings to holiday parties. In addition to the kitchen and dining space, there is also a lounge area fashioned to look like a cozy living room. The Kitchen Table offers many services to customize your ideal atmosphere like floral design and general venue planning.


Table setting by Pinch Parties

Behind the dining table was a display of more place settings, representing the range of event decorations and themes that Pinch Parties can create, from polka dotted dishes and Laduree macaroons for feminine birthday parties or bridal showers to whiskey bottle-laden place settings for a more masculine affair. Founder Julia Capalino’s company reflects her love of party planning and creating amazing personalized aesthetics. Her blog and planning services can appeal to a wide range of events and tastes.


Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Cyr of Cyrience

Also in attendance at the event was Chris Wirth, CEO of American Juice Company, offering tasty cocktails made with one of his many juice blends.  His company has taken the hassle of purchasing and expertly mixing ingredients to make a delicious cocktail. Their juice blends already contain all of the necessary ingredients to be mixed with alcohol and enjoyed. You can even customize your own cocktail creation by mixing different juice blends together. These concoctions make serving unique drinks for a party as easy as possible.

Individually, these services make planning and entertaining unbelievably easy and, when used together, they can make it so simple, you barely have to lift a finger. If you are thinking of planning an event, make sure to check out their websites to learn about the amazing services that they provide. Happy hosting!

-by Johanna Silver

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