PhotoManhattan Offers a Workshop in Nighttime Photography

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Culture, Editor's Pick, Entertainment

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Are you an amateur photographer who always wanted to learn how to shoot in the dark? On Monday night, October 5 from 6:30 PM-9:30 PM you have a chance to take a photography workshop that focuses on nighttime shooting.

Hosted by PhotoManhattan, the tour will begin in the classroom/studio at 51 West 14th Street in order to cover the basics of camera technology and the principles behind exposure, especially when doing night photography. Once students have learned these new concepts and practiced shooting in the studio, the workshop will head out into the streets of Manhattan to put everyone’s newfound skills to the test. You will have a chance to experiment with different lighting effects, motion blur and atmosphere, all while snapping photos of New York’s endless city streets.

The class is schedule to begin at 6:30 in order to capture the fading light of day before the sun goes down. The tour will hit Union Square park and the High Line, in high hopes that the weather will remain friendly. Tripods will be provided for students who need them, but you do need to bring your own camera and have basic photography knowledge. Also be sure the call ahead if you are interested, because the class only has a capacity of ten. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a new skill!

-by Rachel Veroff

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