Petote: Stylish Bags for Your Pet

by | May 11, 2017 | Fashion, Travel

Petote is a stylish line of pet carrier bags, and it’s the perfect chic bag for bringing your pet around with you — especially great for your upcoming summer travels!

Petote has been around since 2001 and was started by Janet Lee Mandell. With her love of fashion as well as dogs, Mandell was astounded by the lack of fashionable pet carriers for her dog. She realized that she could bridge this gap. By adapting fashion trends from the runway, she created bags unlike any other. Functional for toting around pets as well as fashion-forward.

While there have been many inexpensive and poor quality bags hitting the marketplace from other retailers, Petote has managed to keep up with their three keywords: Quality, fashion and function. And the customers love them for it. The designer styling combined with a made in the USA quality stamp has created a loyal — and ever-growing — fan base.


Over the years, trends come and go. And Petote makes sure to keep up to date. This year, embossed crocodile in rich brown and chic black is in as well as black woven styles and tassel details. In general, anything in black has always been a hit with their customers. One of Petote’s favorite trends, however, has been exotic skins.

“Python, crocodile, alligator, stingray, leopard, cheetah, zebra, etc. — We never met an exotic skin we didn’t like!” said Bruce P. Hass, Partner in Petote Group.


For different needs, Petote has different models. Depending on whether customers are looking for handbag style or a carrier on wheels, Petote has everything you would need.

“The Marlee Bag is our bestselling sneak bag. This is the perfect bag to sneak your dog anywhere-stores, restaurants, movie theaters,” explained Hass.

Other favorites are the Metro and the Rio bag The Metro looks like a designer handbag, but has many features that sets it apart – lots of pockets, waterproof lining, interior leash hook, as well as airline approved, which is great for summer travels. As is true for the Rio Bag, a carrier on wheels.

“At Petote, we believe it is best to Travel in Style With Your Pet. The Rio Bag functions as a rolling carrier for the airplane, a backpack, and also a car seat,” Hass explained.

“Traveling with a pet can be overwhelming. The Rio Bag on wheels helps eliminate some of the stress. And, this bag is great for cats also!” he added.

What makes Petote special is their ability to combine functionality with stylishness.

“We love fashion and we love our pets. We’ve been doing this a long time. You won’t find a better pet carrier on the market,” stated Hass.

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