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Fall 2021

Welcome to Downtown Magazine, the only publication focused on the most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in New York City. Downtown Magazine was founded in the days following 9/11 to celebrate Lower Manhattan as the birthplace of the world’s greatest city .

Fourteen years later, we’re covering the beating heart of New York, staying on the forefront of what's important to you — our readers, partners, and neighbors.

In our early days, we focused on luxury fashion and designer beauty, yet today we’ve pivoted to cover those issues most important to our city and world, including climate justice, systemic racism, the economy, healthcare, city infrastructure, and local leaders.

We know that our readers care about style, food and drink, new releases, local and national events, and the important issues us all.

Diversity is our watchword, and we strive to ensure our pages represent the city we love. The world has changed dramatically since we started, yet we all see the same sunset, breathe the same air, and walk the same planet, and we truly feel that it’s time to start acting like we appreciate this and each other.

Downtown Magazine