by | Sep 7, 2017 | Beauty, Fashion

The “in-season”’ for the fashion influencers of the world is finally here. It’s NYFW and the city streets will be running free with walking displays of art. But for Carolyn Pomeranz, wife of Red Sox Pitcher Drew Pomeranz, she faces a double in-season; NYFW x Baseball. 

It’s a hectic time for Carolyn;  with running in between shows, Red Sox practices, the games, and all the while staying in shape, some might believe she has a double. But there are hacks that she swears by. And will make switching from work, shows, and events much more tolerable. Her most important item? Pants.  “I think the right pair of pants/jeans can change your wardrobe dramatically. If they can transition from day, evening, & night – that’s a win. You literally just need to carry an extra pair of stilettos in your purse and your good to go. My favorites right now are the ALO high-waisted Leather Moto Leggings. They’re comfortable, flexible, with a gorgeous design. I can even get away with a little workout in-between running errands. They’re probably the most versatile pants I have.”And as for bags, Carolyn’s go to are always satchels or totes. “I can’t carry small bags during the day. So yeah, I guess you will always see me with an oversized bag – because they make life so much easier! My favorite is the Celine Phantom black and bag accessory ; the Fendi and Anya Hindmarch straps. They’re fun and you can switch up your look. Also, you can hide the strap in your bag during the day and bring it out in the evening.“ 

But I think the thing I’m most curious about is – maintaining my skin. We all know that the New York air is not the cleanest. So when you’re running around, heart racing, and pollution slapping against your pores – anxiety can run high. So what’s Carolyn’s secret? “Lot’s and lot’s of water. And blotting pads. My favorite blotting pads are the Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting linens – these ones also help keep your pores clean with the charcoal.”

Whether you’re living bicoastal with a pro athlete, or a young professional in Manhattan,  a life in New York comes with the territory ; busy schedules, deadlines, and jet-setting from one end to another. And with comfortable pants, oversized bags (to carry your life), and skin care tips to keep you looking your best, I’d say that these tricks are a home-run.


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