NJ industries on the rise

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At the moment, New Jersey has one of the fastest-growing economies in the US. There are a lot of different businesses that are managing to grow quickly due to the unique commercial landscape that the state offers. We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest growth industries within the US right now, so if you’re considering a career change, then this is the place for you to check. 

Online gambling

This is a sector that covers a lot of different areas. With so many different aspects of the online casino business, online gambling has been able to grow quickly within NJ since it was legalized. One of the first areas where growth is taking place is with websites that cater to online casinos. This can be seen on a site such as time2play.com, which offers a lot of assistance for players who want to get into playing at online casinos. 

However, it’s not just this area that is growing quickly. Software development has also seen rapid expansion within the state. Because online casinos games are hugely popular, there has been an increase in demand for the games. In consequence, developers have had to take on more staff to cater to the demand, which has helped to lift the software development industry. With NJ being a hub for coders and graphic designers, it means that a lot of companies have popped up offering casino games to sites. 

Finally, the online casinos themselves have also multiplied quickly. Since they are mainly linked to brick and mortar venues, it follows that the casino industry, in general, has expanded. These sites have been able to increase their revenue without significantly increasing their expenditure. This is because an online casino doesn’t cost as much to operate as does extra space in a brick-and-mortar venue. So, more players can be catered for without having to lay out more on bills and staff wages. 

Online gambling is perhaps the fastest growing industry within NJ and could even be argued to be the fastest-growing industry in the US in general.

Financial businesses

This is an industry that has experienced a big rise over the last year or so. Part of this is due to an increase in female-owned businesses appearing within NJ, and these new businesses require financial help in order to operate efficiently. As such, the financial sector has seen a sudden boost. 

It’s not just in terms of investing, either – accountants have also seen more business coming their way. This has helped a lot of new business owners to get on their feet quickly. Accountancy is one of the lesser-considered industries within finance, but it’s an extremely vital function for a company that wants to be successful. 

The popularity of crypto investing has also had an impact on this area. Many people are looking to invest in cryptocurrency in order to get a handle on the next big thing. While the abrupt gains in the market don’t happen as often as they did at the start of the boom, there are still a lot of people who are looking to invest and trying to make money from the sector. Crypto has helped the financial industry continue growing over the last few years and is likely to keep the trend moving upwards as long as the market is still viable.


Transport is one of the largest industries within NJ. In fact, one of the biggest spending within the state recently has been on transport and the infrastructure that is required to improve logistics. The authorities understand that good transport links are critical in making the state successful. A significant portion of the funding that is needed to undertake expansion and reconciliation of the transport sector is due to online gambling which has helped to provide a healthy boost to the overall tax revenue in NJ. 

The endeavor has seen a lot of new transport innovations take place within NJ, especially linked to improving mobility for people. As such, it has driven employment in the state and helped people to get jobs. This in turn makes NJ an attractive state for workers to move to, as there are a lot of jobs available. It might not be sustainable forever, but as the state currently has a remit to improve transport in the state, it looks like it is a long-term plan that should help to push the economy of the state above that of the national average. 

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