Elie Hirschfeld Joins List of Luminaries at New York Academy of Sciences Gala

by | May 15, 2017 | Education, News

Renowned New York developer and philanthropist Elie Hirschfeld and his distinguished wife Dr. Sarah J. Schlesinger, M.D. who is Rockefeller’s Senior Attending Physician and Associate Professor of Clinical Investigation, joined a list of luminaries who gathered to celebrate 200 years of The New York Academy of Sciences last week.

Elie Hirschfeld and Dr. Schlesinger joined a long list of VIP attendees and Nobel Prize Winners at Convene in Midtown to honor the Academy’s two centuries of driving innovative science-based solutions to society’s most challenging problems.

Among the attendees were multiple Nobel Prize winners including Peter Agre, Director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, Paul Berg, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Martin Chalfie, Professor, Biological Sciences, Columbia University and Eric Kandel, and Professor of Neuroscience, also of Columbia University.

The Academy has a three-pronged mission:
• To advance scientific research and knowledge
• To support scientific literacy
• To promote the resolution of society’s global challenges through science-based solutions

One way the Academy accomplishes this mission is by convening—in New York and throughout the world—leading and emerging experts in scores of meetings, seminars, and interdisciplinary conferences annually.

Dr. Sarah Hirschfeld and Eli Hirschfeld celebrating 200 years of achievements by The New York Academy of Sciences.

“It is difficult to put into words how significant the work of the Academy has been for an incredible period of time,” said Dr. Schlesinger. “The achievements this institution has fostered have brought about change that has enhanced humanity the world over.”

For more information about The New York Academy of Sciences, check out their website.

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