Move Over Turkey, It’s Time For The Real Star Of The Show

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

Historically, Turkey has been the star of the Thanksgiving show — this year Breakstone’s is here to set the record straight.

In fact, according to a recent survey* conducted by New York’s own butter brand, Breakstone’s, New Yorkers cited they would rather do the following than have a Thanksgiving with no butter:

  • Almost half would rather give up a season of Yankees baseball
  • About 23 percent would rather give up wine and beer at their remaining holiday parties
  • About 17 percent would rather give up bagels for a year

Not to mention, last Thanksgiving, New Yorkers bought more than 4.7 million pounds of butter — that’s more than 18.6 million sticks!**

  • That’s enough sticks to run the length of the Brooklyn Bridge 842 times!
  • That’s the length of more than 1,863 Empire State Buildings.
  • That’s 1,191 times the amount of yards rushed by the New York Giants in 2016 (1,412 yards).
  • That’s more than ten times the weight of the Statue of Liberty!

*According to an October 2017 Survata online survey of 718 New York adults.
**According to November 2016 industry data.

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