Moscot Turns 100!

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Fashion

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MOSCOT Eyewear, the praised iconic luxury eyewear line, recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary at the Grand Ballroom of the Jane Hotel.

“The celebration welcomed a diverse range of loyal clients, that included hip New Yorkers, free spirited artists, fresh looking businessmen, celebrities, intellectuals, musicians, writers, so on and so forth, with endless glasses of wine and hors d’oeuvres circulating the ballroom like clockwork.” – Haley Newman

MOSCOT may be a well-established global brand, however its charming design ethos remains a neighborhood optical shop at heart. The brand is known to carry three main lines including The MOSCOT Originals Collection, The MOSCOT Spirit Collection, and The MOSCOT Sun Collection. These groups include ranges of dramatic, sleek, modern, playful, and technologically innovative looks that celebrate the sophisticated yet relaxed feeling of summer all year long.

In honor of its big year, The MOSCOT 100 Year Anniversary Collection features three new Special Edition LEMTOSH styles that honor the past, with the future in mind: The LEMTOSH WOOD, LEMTOSH FOLD, and LEMTOSH Smart.

The LEMTOSH WOOD style features real wood inlayed in acetate – to synthesize both the old and the new. The LEMTOSH FOLD folds to be pocket-sized, making the pair of glasses fit perfectly into a clutch or suit pocket.

The LEMTOSH Smart Drive Package includes three different Clip-on Lens combinations for optimum optics for driving, for over cast conditions, and for stronger night vision, all compiled into a tri-fold case.

The combination of sophistication and innovative design elements reflects what MOSCOT hopes to portray as a brand identity. Harvey Moscot, owner of MOSCOT says, “The LEMTOSH has always held a special place in our heart, so we’re excited to inaugurate our 100 Year celebration with the launch of this very special Collection.”

MOSCOT worked to embrace and celebrate the timeless charm of “old” and the fearlessness of “new” in honor of their 100th birthday. These special editions feature the MOSCOT 100 Year Anniversary Silver Emblem on the temple tip, and are placed in a Special Edition 100 Year Anniversary MOSCOT tote bag, chamois, and case. MOSCOT offers lines for every kind of eyewear fanatic. Here’s to 100 more years of form, function, and style.

-Collaborative piece by Haley Newman and Deirdre McAndrew



Photo: Courtesy of MOSCOT


Photo: Courtesy of Haley Newman

Photo: Courtesy of Haley Newman

Photo: Courtesy of Haley Newman

Photo: Courtesy of Haley Newman

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