Meghann Wright At the Mercury Lounge

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Meghann Wright’s music reflects different aspects of her experience. Her powerful vocals point to her overcoming of difficulties growing up and the resulting strength she gained. Her repertoire reflects her musical background and the influence her family members had on her. Based in Brooklyn, she shares her singles through several mediums including her SoundCloud account.

Her single “Can’t Carry Water” begins as a ballad. Listeners may expect the mellow feel to continue throughout the song but will be shocked by the buildup. Wright laments her inability to draw love from her lover before the drums kick in and the beat intensifies. She parallels the frustrations of trying to carry water in her hands or “bring down all the stars in the sky” to the emotion she wants but is not receiving. The buildup following the chorus reflects how emotions that are held in tend to bubble up and spill over. Her ability to convey human emotions in her voice and through the accompaniment points to her skill as a songwriter and singer.

“Can’t Carry Water” is just one of many songs Meghann Wright will be performing on June 22nd at the Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side at 5:30pm. For tickets, follow this link.

– Gabrielle Rejouis

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