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Finding the perfect bra can seem like an impossible task. Between slipping straps, gaping cups, and digging bands, it can be frustrating and pretty discouraging to find the perfect bra for you. Women shouldn’t have to compromise comfort when trying to find a bra that makes you look and feel gorgeous. Meet your new favorite bra: The UpbraⓇ.

Meet Your New Favorite Bra: The Upbra

Meet Your New Favorite Bra: The Upbra

Upbra is doing what was once thought impossible, giving you cleavage you never thought possible and lift like you’ve never had before. The Upbra is amazing because it gives you complete control over your cleavage thanks to the cleavage control straps. Ladies, just pull a little for a more everyday look, or pull a lot for a more glammed up, bombshell look. This is a gamechanger. Particularly for women with smaller cup sizes that normally can’t achieve such amazing cleavage without excess padding or invasive surgery.

“Giving you cleavage you never thought possible”

But Upbra isn’t just great for smaller cup sizes, it’s the perfect bra choice for women with larger breasts who are in need of all-day lift that will keep you comfortable and supported. Each Upbra has specially formulated vinyl hearts on the inside of the cups to grip your breasts and move them upwards and inwards when the cleavage-control straps are pulled. The vinyl hearts are comfortable, yet effective to ensure your cleavage will stay put throughout the day, no more sagging and no more digging straps.

“Finding the perfect bra can seem like an impossible task”

Upbra also knows that most women are not wearing their true bra sizes, and that’s why they created their amazing Mobile Bra Size Calculator. It’s an easy, free, and effective way to find your true size, without having to use an annoying measuring tape, complicated sizing formulas, or trivial bra size questionnaires. With Upbra’s app, you’re guaranteed to find you the perfect bra to help you feel confident and look sexier than ever before.

Meet Your New Favorite Bra: The Upbra

The Upbra



If you want to find your new favorite bra, one that will give you the most amazing cleavage that you can control while also giving you supportive all-day lift, we highly recommend giving the Upbra a try. Your breasts will thank you!


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