Mary Katrantzou Resort 2015 Collection

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Fashion | 0 comments

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The beautiful and talented 30 year-old Greek fashion designer, Mary Katrantzou, has once again amazed the masses with her Resort 2015 collection. She has shifted from printed textiles that, according to the designer herself, have the ability to “change the shape of a woman’s body”, to “Love Letters” dresses. Her gorgeous designs embody the pure, fresh, and at the same time classic essence that the alphabet emanates. She’s been able to capture the importance ‘words’ have always played in fashion, whether as design, or to describe it. Contrasting from her last Autumn/Winter collection, where the focus laid on symbolic imagery, the Resort 2015 collection’s highlights are the A-lines, S-bends, V-necks, and M-A-R-Y bags. Throughout the collection, her initials are subtly placed in the dresses, obviously not visible enough to believe it to be a signature, except maybe in her stylish bags, that put together spell her name, “Mary”. Apart from transitioning to alphabetic dresses, Katrantzou has also re-evaluated her exclusivity to couture, by working on her prices, making her dresses more approachable to everyone. So ladies, beware. The collection is expected to be out in 2015, and you don’t want to miss the innovative and dazzling dresses Mary Katrantzou has created.

– Angelica Gianni 

Downtown Magazine