Luxury retail as reimagined by Aldo Carpinteri’s vision

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To establish any brand, it takes years of market understanding and zeal to bring only the best to the customers. Luxury retail reimagined –


Modes by Aldo Carpinteri has ascertained an eminent place in the fashion retail world, with its curated collection and accessible designs. The sharp vision of the founder, Aldo Carpinteri, has taken the brand to a global stature, impacting the fashion industry positively. Right from brick and mortar stores to online doorstep facilities, Modes has taken over the market with a modern approach and reimagination of the former brand, Stefaniamode.



Fashion strategy

Modes by Aldo Carpinteri is a multi-brand retailer. Currently, 300 designers are stationed at Modes to serve the customers, giving the brand an international dimension. They are dedicated to collaborating with both established and emerging brands, to create a healthy space for the discourse on fashion. 



Collaboration with emerging brands

The initiative of collaboration with emerging brands is creating a vast opportunity. His vision is to alter the fashion industry to enhance the experience of the customers. Recently, they have come on board with ‘Youth in Balaclava,’ a fashion collection group based in Singapore. Their DIY designs, with matching accessories, have tapped onto the right nerves of the youth. This Moods×YIB is dedicated to embracing the unique and attractive dressing style of youth in Singapore.


Online and offline sales

Keeping up with technological integration in the fashion realm, Modes by Aldo Carpinteri now delivers to 180 countries across the globe. Their brick and mortar stores in Italy and Switzerland have extended to new openings in Sardinia – with the acquisition on the Donne boutique – and in Tuscany – with the openings of a Men and Women Balenciaga store. Together, the online and offline stores are giving a huge boost to the sales of Modes original and collaborative brands, transcending the physical boundaries. Mode catalog includes exquisite collections according to the occasion and season; all of them can be found on the website, which provides a unique experience to users thanks to the many online services it offers. This is why Modes can proudly boast a real omnichannel experience for its customers.



Customer service

Aldo Carpinteri of Modes understands the need for customer loyalty and nurturing a healthy bond with them. Therefore, his company offers multiple innovative services. They include taking suggestions from the customers, allowing exclusive access to designs and home services for VIP customers to try and buy. This encourages booking appointments with a shop assistant so that customers can enjoy unique shopping experience. This scale of valued servicing helps its customer retention and builds brand loyalty, as envisioned by the founder.



Future expectations

With further plans on expansion, Modes is thriving in both men’s and women’s fashion apparel industries. Being based in one of the most beloved fashion destinations in Europe, Milan, the future is very promising for Modes. With their advanced ecosystem and full customer support, it is the farsightedness of Aldo Carpinteri, which has helped establish Modes as one of the major market players in fashion retail.

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