Local Beer Gardens Guaranteed to Please

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Beer gardens offer patrons more than beer alone. No matter if the pub pursues a traditional take, or follows an unorthodox approach to the classic beer garden, local beer gardens create an atmosphere where the laughs flow as freely as the beer.


Sister bar to Spritzenhaus in Williamsburg, Grunhaus is one of the newest beer halls to open in NYC. It has already received glowing reviews from customers and critics alike. Everyone will find something to enjoy at Grunhaus since it offers 30 rotating beers on tap, 10 house sausages, and 10 dipping sauce options. Grunhaus, like its sister bar, is adorned with greenery and floor to ceiling windows that, weather permitting, open to the sounds of the city. At Grunhaus, patrons can enjoy their beer, with a breeze.

Clinton Hall 

Clinton Hall in the financial district is famous for its comforting food. One of its most popular items is the doughnut grilled cheese. Clinton Hall forgoes the bread and replaces it with two glazed donuts. When served, the sandwich is dangled over their tomato basil soup. Occasionally the cheese waterfalls into the soup making it all the more satisfying. Clinton Hall also serves up fondue burgers, and ‘dangerously addictive donuts’ that are accompanied with caramel, Nutella, and raspberry filled syringes for guests to inject into their desert. The food is interactive, and so is the outdoor drinking area. Clinton Hall features communal style seating in a spacious area fully equipped with life-size versions of childhood games like Jenga and connect-four.

Loreley Beer Garden

This restaurant and beer garden has indoor seating and the largest heated outdoor beer garden on the Lower East Side. The outdoor seating area is furnished with wooden tables capable of seating big parties on a first come, first serve basis. The pub offers a “sausage party’ that includes a selection of 5 or 7 different sausages, and a ‘beer flight’ of several German beers. The Loreley Bar is the perfect place to catch a game and to taste a variety of authentic German specialties in an atmosphere full of camaraderie.

Pilsener Haus and Biergarten

Set in a turn-of-the-century beer hall, this bar has the ability to seat up to 400 thirsty customers at a time. Located in an abandoned factory building in Hoboken, the Austro-Hungarian garden adheres to the traditional standard by providing wooden plank tables reaching up to 40 ft in length. Prepare to be whisked away on a jovial experience that will make you question when you boarded a plane to Europe.

Pier 13 

Pier 13, also in Hoboken, is a bustling hotspot in which a beer garden is just one of the many fun things to do. The pier’s beer garden is an unconventional family-friendly, outdoor bar with a backyard atmosphere. A plethora of award-winning food trucks are parked a short stroll from the drinking area, encouraging visitors to pare their brew, with some grub. The pier also offers outdoor activities like kayaking and paddle boarding nearby to enhance customers beer garden experience, and to foster the fun, summery vibe that the Pier 13 exudes.

Local pubs are bringing the joyous, and brotherly energy created by beer gardens right to NYC. Next time you see one of these neighborhood gems, grab a friend, grab a bench, and grab a beer to experience it for yourself.

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