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Photo: Courtesy of Suzanne Cohen

Lifestyle and Family Editor Denise Courter visits with Adam Cohen, who is a well-known blogger, based in New York City. The DaDa Rocks founder is the father of two children, with a third one on the way. He started his blog 6 years ago, which features cool things to do with kids and cool tech for Dads. He also hosts some great giveaways as well as tips on products and brands that are family friendly. As a native New Yorker and downtown Dad, Downtown Magazine is profiling this man about town in honor of Father’s Day.

What is the best parenting advice/phrase you were given?

To make sure that YOU are involved in their lives. So, if you want them to be artists, do art with them. If you want to have a charity experience, you have to be involved in charity and show kids what it is all about. Imitate for your kids what you want them to do and how you want them to act. You have to imitate for your kids, what you want them to do. [Also] as bad as you feel, just remember that your wife always has it worse.


Did you grow up as a city kid or a suburban kid?

Born at NYU, as were [my] two children and raised in Long Island, but because my Dad lived in the city, in my teen years, I was able to live in both worlds and had great opportunities to be a part of the National Art Students League as well as a participant in the Cooper Hewitt’s outreach program.


What are your favorite things about being a City Dad?

I love that you can find anything you want to do. For instance, if you want to find a sporting event, you can find it immediately, same goes for a concert or anything else that you might want to do. In NYC, entertainment and food are never a problem, in terms of finding a great variety of food.


What technology do you never leave without?

I never leave home without my Samsung Camera, my cell phone, headphones and a rechargeable battery.


What is your favorite tech gadget for kids?

When new parents have newborns, there are some great apps that help parents navigate parenthood, so I’ve really enjoyed apps for parents at every stage of parenting. And, as kids get older, the apps grow with the kids.


What are the challenges of being a working dad in the city?

Time management is a challenge for parents, whether you live in NYC or not. But, in New York in particular, it’s a challenger because there is so much to do and so much to choose from. There are so many great things to do, whether it is Broadway or an off-Broadway show. Finding time and understanding priorities and managing that limited time. A component of that is deciding on what you value; I had to ask myself, do I value money or value time? And, that helps me decide on which takes priority, whether its work time or family time.


What is your favorite summer family activity?

We have a regular tradition of going to the Hamptons in the summer, whether its for a short stay or long stay and our family really enjoys going to the beach. We always make a point to make time for that.


-by Denise Courter

Denise Courter is the Founder of FiDi, an online destination for Lower Manhattan families. She is also a Today Parenting Team contributor. 

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