Last Call To Catch The Revolutionary “Spamilton”

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Culture

Dan Rosales skewers Lin-Manuel Miranda in Spamilton

The unquestioned star “Founding Father” of Forbidden Broadway has revolutionalized the biggest hit on today’s Great White Way with Spamilton!

Gerard Alessandrini, who has skewered everything from Les Miserables to Cats has now taken Lynn Miranda’s hip-hop triumph Hamilton and turned it upside down into his own colonial comedy!

Allesandrini takes the story of America’s innovative revolutionary, Alexander Hamilton, and turns it into a hilarious, often silly, but always entertaining parody of how Hamilton’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda revolutionized Broadway with his inventive hit!

The familiar rhymes of Manuel’s massive musical are RE-invented to demonstrate how the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner challenged Broadway norms to become the toast of the Great White Way.

And while the skewering is done lovingly, Miranda is poked for his departure from form and mile-a–minute, hip-hop deliveries not falling in step with Broadway’s more traditional founding fathers.

“Be terser in your verse, sir/You’re no Johnny Mercer,” raps one of the characters.

The talented and hilarious cast of Spamilton

Then, a sensational Dan Rosales as Lin-Manuel comes on and self-deprecatingly introduces himself: “I’m slightly obnoxious/Too broad, too pained/My voice is strained/and thin/I’m Lin-Manuel!”

Miranda’s “revolutionary” Broadway is even taken to task for being too straight — when a mad King George (hilariously camped up by Glenn Bassett — rues how Hamilton has brought a macho edge to The Great Gay Way.

Even if you haven’t had the chance to see Miranda’s mega-hit, you’ll be broadly entertained by the parody of all things Broadway. Sadly, the show closes just a week from today, so catch the comedy while you can!

For more information or tickets to Spamilton, please go to;

Spamilton can be seen at: at the 47th Street Theatre Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, 304 West 47th Street. Act now! The last show is January 7.




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