KOHLER’s Smart Bathroom Series That You Never Knew You Needed

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Featured, Technology

When we think of futuristic technology, we generally think of new medical treatments, televisions embedded into contact lenses, flying cars and the odd bionic limb – KOHLER revealed something else at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show: smart bathrooms.

Kohler Smart Bathroom

Heated toilets aren’t the newest piece of technology, but throw in programmable, voice-activated showers and a mirror that can tell you the news, and you’ve got something special on your hands. KOHLER Konnect™ technology integrates Kohler’s smart bathroom tech with Amazon’s Alexa for an experienced that’s customized and streamlined from shower to shave.

Kohler Smart Bathroom

Kohler’s smart bathrooms series features a wide array of different products to update and upgrade our time in the bathroom. From their PerfectFill™ faucets that will run your evening bath at a precise temperature and level, their foot-and-other-things warming Numi™ smart toilet featuring mood lighting and music, and, perhaps most the most practical of the series, their Verdera™ bathroom mirror featuring built-in Amazon Alexa and mood lighting, KOHLER is changing how we view our time in the bathroom. Get latest weather and traffic information while you’re brushing your teeth, hop in one of your several customized showers like “post-workout” or “morning”, and finish up your business with a hands-free flush.

Kohler Smart Bathroom Shower

For on-the-go customization, you can change the settings for your shower, faucets, toilet and mirror from a single, integrated app. The app is available for both Android and Apple, and it allows you to prepare the bathroom for your arrival while you’re still in the garage. There are no official prices or release dates available, but expect these products to hit the shelves later on this year.

For notifications on the availability of these innovative products, visit KOHLER.com.

Photos courtesy of Tyler Lizenby/CNET

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