Jonathan Adler’s Summer 2018 Collection: What You Need to Know

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Looking to update your space for the summer? When sprucing up your home, who better to turn to than potter, designer and author Jonathan Adler for your inspiration. Lucky for you, Adler just released his Summer 2018 collection, which features trendy black and white marble patterns and velvety pillows in some really trippy patterns. We asked Adler all of the questions you might have when it comes to his collection, and why you should look into this collection for your summer designing:

  1. What inspired your designs this season?

                        The three words I use to describe my brand are “Modern American Glamour.”  I want everything I make to add glamour to your life, and this season is no different.  This season there’s a lot of global glamour, with pieces like our Siam Collection inspired by a trip to Bangkok.  I’m always traveling the world looking for new materials and new artisans, so inevitably those travels are reflected in my work.

         2. Many people are worried about going for these new colors and fabrics like deep blues and velvets, because of their trendiness. Furniture, unlike clothing, can’t be put away until it comes back into style. What would you tell these people to ease their minds? 

                        Don’t worry so much.  Trends are fun.  If you love it, it will work.  And if it doesn’t, put a slipcover over it.

            3. How can we incorporate these new looks and colors with a carpet of floral or a room with red accents?

                        We live in an anything goes world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Your home should make you feel like the most eccentric, glamorous version of yourself and a layered mix of styles and eras does just that.

4. Can modern live with country French or other distinct looks?

                 It’s a varsity move, but yes it can work.  In decorating, as in life, without big risks there aren’t big rewards.

We hope this little Q & A answered some of your curiosity, and has inspired you to check out Adler’s designs. Happy designing, Downtowners!



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