JLVelo: A True Family Run Business

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Photography: Courtesy of the JLVelo

Recently the staff at DOWNTOWN decided to create a cycling kit (jersey/shorts) to advertise our magazine and sponsors. Inherently, I was given the assignment of selecting a company to design, engineer, and manufacture the outfit. It did not take long for me to make a decision.

Like many articles of clothing, there are a plethora of manufacturers. However, only a few execute their product with quality, honesty, and dedication. It is this philosophy that sets JLVelo apart from the others.

JL Design Enterprises’ home office is located in California with additional offices in Seattle and Pennsylvania. A family owned and run business, JL is operated and staffed by athletes. In fact, all of the employees are awarded full paid health benefits and profit sharing in the company. This employee treatment is reflected by the quality and workmanship that is found in every garment they make, and it is 100% American made. For 30 plus years, JL has produced technical training and racing clothing and fostered many relationships with teams around the country. A successful business is best defined by satisfied customers and JL is committed to value and service. We at DOWNTOWN are thrilled to have such a company represent our brand. We now look forward to securing select sponsors to place on our jerseys and shorts.

-John Cap Capobianco M.Ed.


Photography: Courtesy of the JLVelo


Photography: Courtesy of the JLVelo

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