Is Your Bedroom Causing You Poor Sleep?

by | May 13, 2020 | Health & Fitness

A good night’s sleep is as important to our bodies as three meals a day.

A lack of sleep can greatly affect your health and happiness and can cause irritability and mood swings. There can be many reasons for not getting enough sleep, and one of the most surprising can be your bedroom.

We have put together this list of five reasons your bedroom could be causing you poor sleep and some things that you can do about them.

Your Room is Too Bright at Night

If there is too much light in your room at night, either from the outside or from electronic devices, this could be preventing you from getting enough of the good quality sleep that your body needs.

You should consider blackout blinds or thick curtains or drapes to block out the light from the outside. Try and cut down on the number of electronic devices in your room, especially the television. The chances are you are missing out on extra hours of sleep by watching TV late at night.


Is Your Bedroom Causing You Poor Sleep?

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The Temperature and Humidity Isn’t Right

Sometimes you may be too cold, and at other times you are too hot, and if the air is too dry or too moist, that can keep you awake too. Better sleep is attained at lower body temperatures, so you want to stay cool at night, but not too cold.

The right temperature for you may be hard to find, so experiment a little. Try a thinner comforter or duvet if you feel too hot or get something thicker if you are cold at night. De-humidifiers or humidifiers in your bedroom can be very effective if you are struggling to get the right humidity to sleep.

Change Your Mattress

Poor quality or small mattress can often keep people awake at night, or prevent them from getting higher quality, deep REM sleep. 

Getting a larger mattress that provides your body with the support it needs at night can help most people get better sleep. You should check this buyer’s guide to help find the right size and type of mattress for you. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so a little investment in our bed and mattress is a smart move.


Is Your Bedroom Causing You Poor Sleep?



Your Allergies are Keeping You Awake

Breathing is incredibly important, whether you are asleep or awake! If you have allergies that may be affecting your breathing at night, then this could be affecting your sleep pattern.

Dust allergies are very common, and often go undiagnosed. This could be disrupting your sleep. Seasonal allergies like hay fever can also cause people problems in the spring and summer, so you should always seek some treatment at the first signs of a reaction.


Is Your Bedroom Causing You Poor Sleep?

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It is Too Noisy at Night

There can be a lot of noises that can wake you up at night that you can’t do much about. There isn’t much you can do about car alarms and garbage trucks, but there are things you can do to reduce the amount of noise in your bedroom at night.

Ticking clocks can become very loud when you are trying to sleep, so substitute them for a silent, digital version. Some electrical devices can emit a nearly inaudible hum at night, so get your bedroom as silent as possible and see if you can hunt down anything that goes buzz in the night. If you are really struggling with noise at night, try a white noise machine.

Suffering from a lack of sleep can be incredibly disruptive to your life. Your bedroom may be what is stood between you and night after night of sound sleep. Hopefully, our quick guide will help you find your way to better rest and relaxation.



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