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by | Apr 27, 2015 | Exercise, Health & Fitness

the dogpound

Dawin Pena, Kirk Myers, and Brey Pena of the DogPound. Photo: Courtesy of the DogPound

5:45 a.m. coffee, brotherhood, and intense workouts: This is the DogPound, a group of 14 guys that includes Hugh Jackman, NYSE president Tom Farley, former America’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker, and two Olympic-medal winners.



For anybody who’s let themselves get a little overweight, Kirk Myers is the poster child for personal achievement in physical fitness. Growing up, Kirk was shy kid from Kansas City who fed his personal insecurities with candy bars and junk food, ballooning to more than 300 pounds on a 5′7″ frame and struggled to keep up both socially and athletically. His poor dietary habits had finally made his health hit rock bottom. During an ER visit while in College, doctors found that his heart was enlarged and he had suffered congestive heart failure. He was only 21. This was his sea-change moment. His doctors placed him on a diet of green vegetables, and after completely changing his lifestyle, and focusing on fitness, Myers has lost 125 pounds and built an impressive…body of work. At 34 and a ripped 172 pounds, he is a top trainer to celebrities, athletes, and professionals.



Brey grew up in a low class Spanish Harlem family as an overweight kid. At the tender age of 17, his family went through a major hardship- his father was arrested and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. This changed Brey’s perspective of life. Brey and his older brother were forced to take responsibilities of the family. All of this stress caused him to become aggressive towards everyone around him and to himself. His older brother, Dawin made a suggestion that changed his life, “Let’s go to the gym.” The gym became a safe haven for him, a place where he channeled his frustration in a healthy way. He had time to think, reflect and discover that fitness is a passion of his. This is the foundation of the man who will be training you. Brey’s greatest satisfaction comes from having a positive impact on his client’s fitness goals. His enthusiasm combined with discipline and motivation has proved to be a winning recipe for his clients!



Baseball and training has been two of many passions Dawin has encountered in life. However, training is the one that won over and that’s why he’s on this journey with us- to spread his love of fitness and to help others in what he’s known for. Dawin believes that fitness is not only about working out; it’s a lifestyle that includes good health overall. He believes incorporating fitness into life by playing sports is a great way to stay in shape in life. Training with this experienced man will change your life, if you’re down to take the risk.

If you are looking for a good trainer downtown, here are a few aspects to look out for when looking:

1. Professionalism: Is the trainer established and committed to helping you achieve your goals?

2. Personality: Is the trainer friendly? Do they make you feel comfortable while working out and discussing your fitness goals?

3. Communication: Is the trainer consistent in their communication?

You can learn more about the members of The Dog Pound on their website.

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