How Important Is A Mattress To Your Sleep Healthiness?

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Featured, Health & Fitness

An old Irish proverb says that “a good laugh and a long sleep are the best two cures for anything.” In modern times, tons of studies have undoubtedly proven the benefits of proper sleep for our health, thus medically confirming what our ancestors simply knew. One of the contributing factors to a good rest appears to be our bed – in fact, the mattress we sleep on during the night.

According to medical findings, sleeping on the wrong mattress could have severe impacts on our health – and I am not talking about just feeling tired the next morning or having a back pain, but about blood circulation, heart issues, obesity, allergies, premature aging and even a diminished libido.

But when we choose a proper mattress, and we experience a sound sleep, we also enjoy the health benefits that come along. Let me underline some of the most relevant ones:


Good blood pressure

Our blood flow is heavily influenced by the quality of our sleep. To maintain it at its optimal level, we need the help of a medium-firm mattress, capable of adequately supporting our body, especially if we sleep on our left side. This particular position has mainly been indicated as the best one for an optimal blood flow.


Ideal body temperature

Sleeping on a mattress which can control the temperature is no longer something unaffordable. More and more manufacturers develop smart mattresses or smart mattress covers that can adjust our body temperature during sleep. That way, we can rely on our bedding to control this process while we rest and we won’t wake up in the middle of the night because we feel too hot or too cold.


Protection for our heart

Disrupted sleep leads to lack of energy which leads to overeating (especially unhealthy food), which could cause obesity. Sleeping well will only help us keep our figure and protect our heart since obesity goes hand in hand with various heart issues. Experts say that people who get less quality sleep per night have a 48% higher risk of developing a heart condition.


Improved memory and focus

When we sleep peacefully, our brain and our muscles take their time to rebuild. The direct results will be an improved memory and a better focus, hence, increased productivity, which will impact our state of mind and will make us feel satisfied and happy.


Allergies under control

All mattresses collect dust and dust mites over time, but high-quality products are usually hypoallergenic, which means they can protect us from allergens. Keep in mind that improper breathing during sleep may lead to sleep apnea and abrupt wake-ups; such sleep disorders can weaken our immune system. To keep our immunity unaltered, the best thing we can do is to purchase mattresses with reviews on this particular feature which will tell us if they are a good investment for our long-term health.

Those are not the only health aspects impacted by how we sleep: for instance, our intimacy can be affected by sleeping on the wrong mattress, as well as the aging process. So if we want to enjoy a bursting energy in the morning and a long healthy life, we should consider all these aspects when we decide to invest in a new mattress or create a new sleeping environment.  

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