Happy 90th Birthday Shearwater!

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Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking for an afternoon getaway, Manhattan By Sail is a premier experience for anyone who enjoys nautical exploration or feeling the sea breeze. Manhattan By Sail has two boats – Clipper City and Shearwater, which are both owned by Captain Thomas Berton. 

On Wednesday, July 17th, Shearwater celebrated her 90th birthday with a Mayoral Proclamation Presentation and awed passengers with her historic significance. From a distance, the classic schooner yacht may not look her age, but she has been named a national landmark. Upon closer inspection, passengers are able to witness the detailed artistry that went into making this ship.

In its ninety years, the vessel has survived a great number of historical events. Shearwater was the last luxury yacht built in Maine, right before the Stock Market crash in 1929. In her time, she’s sailed the Pacific, won classic yacht races all around the globe and has survived multiple events and catastrophes in New York, including 9/11. One can truly tune-in with the history of the sailboat while onboard.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful, yet historic yachting experience. Sailing with the legendary classic schooner, Shearwater, whisps you along for smooth sailing and an intimate ride into the past. Passengers find themselves immersed in the Gatsby-era and intricate designs of the ship, and have the chance to explore the deck below, designed for stays during elegant and adventurous journeys. The history can be seen in the perfectly preserved design.

Photos from the Manhattan By Sail Facebook page.

Sailing with Shearwater includes a complimentary drink service, along with observing the talented, knowledgeable boat crew. The engaging experience can only be described as refreshing and transformative. Find yourself relaxed as the Gilded-age sailboat and the captain cruise you along the modern-day New York skyline.

For more information on Manhattan By Sail and to book a cruise aboard Shearwater, check out their website.

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