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by | May 12, 2017 | Beauty

If you’re into haircare, you’ve probably heard about OUAI a long time ago. Actually, scratch that. You’ve probably heard about it regardless.

OUAI has quickly become one of Downtown’s favorite brands. And it’s clear to see we’re not alone. While its been around sometime already, OUAI keeps coming up with new products making it a stable for almost any use — be it hair masks, styling sprays or supplements, and now also a body oil!

Yup, you heard that right. They just launched the latest and greatest — and as always, perfect for the busy city woman always on the go — a Rose Hair & Body Oil. A luxe multitasking oil that smells divine. Part hair oil, fast-drying moisturizer, and a part-time perfume.

Founder Jen Atkin wanted to create something special with OUAI. And let’s just say — she has! She’s created a community.

“I felt a lack of an interactive website with hair tutorials and style suggestions. We are building a conversation site. A place to get solutions and ideas and see what others are doing,” Atkin told Downtown.

The website is made up of products, how to guides and quick tips and tricks.

“I’m inspired by the girl-on-the-go who doesn’t have time to spend 30 minutes every morning with hot tools. Effortlessness is central both to the OUAI brand and to my styling philosophy, but the look is impossible to achieve without healthy hair,” Atkin said.

Finding the Right Haircare

To make sure everyone get the best care for their hair, they even have a consultation service on their website. Through seven questions, the service helps pinpoint your problems and gives you the products you need.

“To determine if you have dry or damaged hair, look at your elasticity. Split ends are usually the indicator of damage from heat or color,” she explained and added, “If your hair is dull or has no shine, then it likely needs a product that will moisturize or repair.”

The consultation is designed to address one of the primary opponents to beautiful natural hair; using the wrong products. The service is designed to suit every customer’s unique needs and answer their questions — like if they came to Atkin in person.

“The questions are based on the real-life concerns that my clients and followers are always asking me about,” she explained.

“Most people buy their shampoo and conditioner from the same product line such as Volume, Repair, Clean and the like — they don’t realize that you usually need a different shampoo and conditioner variety for each.”

“The goal is to get more women to the point of being able to embrace and enjoy their natural texture, instead of fighting it,” Atkin said.

Luxury is Accessibility

OUAI’s mission is for people to find their favorites, find the products they need, and then mix it in with other brands they like. And then of course, for it to be easy.

“Luxury is accessibility. We feature an auto-replenish option and your favorite OUAI products will be on your desk or doorstep in no time. We are not just another random monthly beauty box,” Atkin said.

“New Yorkers have more options than most other consumers in the world, and they have less free time to explore them,” she added.

OUAI is all about listening to their audience and they try to respond and adapt as much as possible.

“We’re not releasing new products just to release them, we’re trying to identify gaps in the market directly from our fans before we start developing something. We want to hear from you!” she said.

Photos courtesy of theouai.com

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