“Greener Fashion and Greener Future” ZAFUL 2019 Fashion Panel & Charity Sale

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November 08, 2019


ZAFUL holds its first sustainable fashion panel of “Greener Fashion” in New York, USA, on November 8, 2019. This panel invited experts, practitioners and university representatives from the associated fields: Sustainability, Fashion, and Technology, to discuss the strategies of leading the fashion industry to become more sustainable in the future and the challenges in the field of innovation.

ZAFUL had nearly 6 years’ history in the fashion industry, with more than 20 million customers, and 60% of its customers were millennials. ZAFUL had always been focusing on how to make fashion and sustainable coexistence and to increase the connections with millennials, all the panelists were from various fields of sustainability, fashion, technology, etc.; Gathering them together, ZAFUL believed this panel would bring more constructive and innovative opinions on making the fashion industry sustainable.

How to Make Fashion More Sustainable In An Innovative Way?  Stephanie Benedetto-Founder of Queen of Raw, Bridgett Artiese- Founder of Born Again Vintage, Fashionista, Actress, Women Entrepreneur Paige Desorbo, Madison Phillips from ADAY joined ZAFUL in the panel shared the experiences and insights in their daily life to bring a new way of thinking for audiences,as well as the chairman of NYU’s only fashion society FBA – Autumn Samuels, who participated in and her opinions could definitely bring a significant impact on the young community.    

Stephanie said, as the fashion brand with great influences, even 1% move to greener fashion will generate a great impact on the environment. They are looking forward to working with ZAFUL in the sustainable industry for a better future.

Aside from the fashion panel, there’s a charity sale organized by ZAFUL and The Fashion Foundation, a nonprofit foundation helping underprivileged students in New York City through the sale of samples from fashion houses and designers. ZAFUL donated around 1,300 pieces and more than $2000 generated during the first few hours of charity sale, and everything will go to the students in need. 

Nowadays, the sustainability of fashion was gradually becoming people’s daily topic and an essential part of all the manufacturers, fashion brands, the consumer and people worked in this supply chain all over the world. Therefore, ZAFUL urged the public to notice the importance of sustainability and encouraged everyone to develop a “Green Habit.” Let’s create Greener Fashion and Greener Future.

Everyone in the panel raising their hands to support the sustainable  fashion industry (Zaful 2019 Fashion Panel)

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