Gotan TriBeCa

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Dining

Sometimes you need a place you can get good coffee and great food, while you do some work. Gotan ticks all those boxes. The popular café has three locations in the city – one in Williamsburg, one in Midtown and then our Downtown spot in TriBeCa.

The café in TriBeCa is filled with communal tables providing charging spots, making it a great place to sit and eat while you type away on your laptop. Even if you don’t need to get any work done, Gotan is perfectly suitable for getting together with friends or for grabbing a bite on your own. The menu offers a little bit of everything, from American fare to Mediterranean inspired dishes and French pastries.

While scrambled eggs can get boring, don’t worry about that at Gotan. Their creamy scrambled cheddar eggs on biscuit should be a food category of their own – and yes, we’ll choose biscuits over bread any day of the week. And would advise you to do the same.

And dare we say that the avocado toast is one of the best we’ve had in New York? The feta and lemony flavors are very refreshing. Other highlights include the Greek yogurt with granola, the cauliflower sandwich with tahini and the tuna avocado salad. If you just want a small sweet snack to pair with your coffee, there’s no shortage of delicious pastries at Gotan. We envy those who can resist the huge cookies and croissants.

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