GIFT GUIDE: 5 Stocking Stuffers For Her

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Holiday Gift Guide

Despite all of the amazing shopping that Downtown New York has to offer, chances are, since we’re all so busy, shopping is going to have to happen from the confines of your apartment overlooking the East River.

Or overlooking someone else’s window overlooking yours, depending on how dapper your digs are.

Since we all like having lots of things to open for the holidays — unless you’re the guy in the car commercial who is totally satisfied with the giant, poorly gift-wrapped Porsche in the driveway — here’s a list of five unique but useful gifts that can all be shipped from the same place; almost all of these are available via

Chances are, none of the below are on your mother, sister, friend, coworker or significant other’s list, so they ought to be pleasantly surprised to unwrap them.

Unless, of course, she already has massage oil made from moonstone and amazonite?

That’s what we thought.


For the girl who’s always on the go:

Whether she constantly packs up a gym bag or a suitcase, less is always more, and when it comes to deodorant, these Lil’ Deodorant Creamswhich come in a set of four, are as tiny as it gets in a .5 ounce tin. They’re also great for carrying in your purse after a long day: just swirl your finger around, and you’re ready. Take your pick of regular or sensitive, which is ideal for those with a sensitivity to baking soda. Fat and the Moon’s skincare products are handmade in small batches in California from organic ingredients grown on their own farm, and are cruelty-free. Plus, their packaging uses minimal plastic and is designed to be reused and recycled.


For the gal that’s got some “problem areas…”

I’ve never heard of this until now, but apparently this Dry Brush with Organic Repair Oil Kit is a great way to help renew skins luster while treating cellulite and varicose veins. If nothing else, it softens skin and improves circulation by increasing the release of toxins and encouraging cell renewal. The grapefruit + neroli blossom oil includes a lightweight blend of organic essential oils that promote circulation and cell regeneration, while plant powered carrier oils gently tighten, nourish, and soften the skin. First, brush the skin, then, apply the oil, which is handcrafted in the USA using organic ingredients. It’s vegan, non-comedogenic, cruelty free, and free from parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, chemicals, mineral oils, petroleum, artificial colorants and dyes, preservatives and fillers, and talc. They’ve pretty much got it covered on the sustainable sourcing front.

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For the lady who needs a break…

Give her Dream States Organic Gemstone-Infused Massage Oil by Aquarian Soul, whose gemstone properties attempt to positively influence the mind and spirit. The oil is extra-thick and warming, and become absorbed into the skin rather quickly. The smell is sweet, citric, slightly floral, and the formula itself contains moonstone and amazonite, which are said to be relaxing and sleep inducing, and can help relieve anxiety. They are plant-based, vegan, gluten free, GMO-free, and cruelty free….so everyone wins, except you, if you’re the only one around to actually give her that massage.


For the woman with the best head of hair….

Stuff her stocking with a shampoo bar, or a set of 6 minis, from J.R. Liggetts. This gentle shampoo bar has been recreated from an old New England recipe, using organic vegetable oils to cleanse and condition hair without stripping natural oils. It contains no harsh detergents, is beautifully lathering and quick rinsing. Made with organic oils grown without pesticides or herbicides, this shampoo-and-conditioner-in-one lessens packaging waste.


For your favorite female foodie….

She’s likely familiar with the concept of Mexican Hot Chocolate….we’re sure she’s had plenty of varieties, too. But she may not know that there’s actually a Mexican Hot Chocolate Molinillo Frother on the market that helps create rich and frothy cocoa from scratchThis traditional hand carved wooden frother, made in Mexico, has a slender handle that’s easy to twist between your palms, and the smooth bottom simultaneously softens and grinds chocolate as it dissolves in hot milk while the rings assist with whipping up a frothy top. It’s pretty simple, but just in case, the instruction book is included.

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