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Photo: Courtesy of the Dogpound

Looking to get those perfectly sculpted arms just in time for the summer? Thanks to our friends over at The DogPound, we bring you some of the best fitness tips from world-renowned personal trainers right to you. This week, Brey Peña, the CSO and co-founder of the DogPound, will tell us how to get those arms looking ripped in no time.

His theory on getting those bigger pipes and horseshoe triceps comes with thinking of sets as either heavy or light. Heavy sets mean between 1 to 12 reps, max. Light means from 15 to 25 reps. However, light means you should pick a weight that when you’re halfway through it, you should find yourself struggling throughout your set. Moving heavier weight loads will lead to a greater release of your body’s natural growth hormone (GH), testosterone, and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1, which helps build muscle).

Collectively, these hormones work to help you add size…everywhere. That includes your arms. Doing more reps will give you a that toning definition you’ve been looking for. To flex, or as we put it, “curls for the girls;” just train, feed, and repeat. Here are 6 of Brey’s favorite moves and workouts to get you going:

Photo: Courtesy of Brey Peña/The DogPound

Photo: Courtesy of Brey Peña/The DogPound


1. Preacher curl with the EZ bar

2. Double arm tricep dumbbell roll back

3. Incline dumbbell with a twist

4. Body weight skull crushers

5. Barbell curls

6. Stretch band tricep push downs

Photo: Courtesy of Brey Peña/The DogPound

Photo: Courtesy of Brey Peña/The DogPound


1.) Heavy and light sets

  • 6-8 reps heavy – 15-25 light

2.) 28 method Arms

Every exercise is broken up into different sets that reach 28.

  • 7 regular
  • 7 slow
  • 7 pulse on top
  • 7 pulse on the bottom

3.) Heavy 20s

Whenever you do 20 reps, by the 15th rep, you should find yourself struggling a good amount.

4.) Low rep arms

6 reps of everything on a heavy weight.

5.) Max arms

Meaning you do 4 exercises for bicep and tricep with this formula.

10 2×5, 3×3, 3×1 until you find your max!!!

Photo: Courtesy of the DogPound

Photo: Courtesy of the DogPound

Brey’s personal favorite is the BeastMode Arms, which uses a unique technique that was pioneered at the DogPound called the Dominican Drop: any exercise that you do, cut it by 25% for your next set. For example, if you hit biceps with a 35-pound dumbbell for 15 reps, immediately pick up the 30s next and smash another 15 reps. Do that for 5-6 sets, with 6 exercises for each bicep/tricep.

So hit your local gym, give these workouts a try, and get those pipes looking better than ever! Also, stay tuned for more workout tips and exercises from the DogPound every week!

-by: Brey Peña, Co-founder and CSO of The DogPound

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