The Future Is At Your Fingertips With Kijovo

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We’ve all been there. Diligently searching the Internet for the release dates of products we are anticipating, but coming up empty handed (the iPhone gets us every year).

CEO/Founder Harrison Young and CTO/Founder Alex Podobnik came up with a solution for all trendsetters. After coming up with the idea for Kijovo back in their college dorm room, they finally decided to pull the trigger and set this plan into action.

Kijovo (Kih-Joe-Vo) is a database of future products and upcoming releases for you to find, follow, and share. The service is very user friendly and best of all- it’s reliable. They only post about confirmed release dates and users can create a profile and track future product drops they are waiting for in almost any industry including technology, fitness, fashion, clothing and more.

With the tagline “The Future At Your Fingertips,” Kijovo plans to be your one stop shop for all things upcoming. They officially launch next month, however for early access to their service, sign up by clicking here and check out their blog!

-Irene Bogdan



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