Fresh and Flawless: The 2015 No Makeup Trend Continues

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Beauty, Fashion

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With the hype of the Golden Globes dwindling, the 5-week countdown to the Academy Awards starts now! This is the prime-time for celebrities to detox, train and get their completion to the camera ready level. They must get a jump on this in order to be as red carpet ready as possible.

The Golden Globes had many celebrities resorting to the no makeup trend. Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams, and Kate Hudson sported the fresh face look complemented by soft cheeks and nude lips. Not only did this accentuate their natural features, but also their beautifully colored and crafted gowns. Since the Golden Globes tends to set the tone for the months to come, the no makeup trend something that will continue.

In order to rock the no makeup trend, celebrities need to focus on healthy skin during the next few weeks. Ory Diaz, Account Executive at Live in Five, has partnered up with Dr. Sejal Shah, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Founder of Smarter Skin Dermatology on “How to get fresh-faced and clear skinned for any event.” Diaz explains their mission, “We’ve put together the perfect pre-prescription with the latest and most “trophy-worthy” skin procedures.” Their plan for fabulous skin can be easily mimicked by consumers as well.

Dr. Shah bases his recommendations on his great knowledge of the subject and what celebrities swear by. He combines these two concepts to find the newest and most effective treatments that for fresh and flawless skin for all. Clear & Brilliant is the newest product that preferred by many and creates a healthy, even glow that is fast and long-lasting.

Timing is everything! Dr. Shah gives a complete guide on when to schedule the recommended procedures. He also shares tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts for a speedy recovery just in time for the awards. These helpful hints include a quick 1-2 session lasers, peels and fillers that come highly recommended by the some of the most beautiful red carpet celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Dr. Shah believes it is important to have award-winning skin all the time, even if you don’t plan on receiving an Oscar anytime soon. He gives consumer insight on these skin treatments, who they are meant for, how much they will cost, and what the outcome will be.

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