Four Pillars Gin’s Cameron Mackenzie On 7 Great Gin Bars In Manhattan

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Dining

Four_Pillars_Cocktail bar
Four Pillars Gin was born and bred in Melbourne, where bars such as Black Pearl and the Gin Palace have been playing a strong gin game for years. But the bar scene in New York City gets me seriously excited. In fact, I’ve long since had a copy of the Death & Co book on my bench at the distillery.
Here are my top seven places to drink gin in New York City right now — but ask me tomorrow, after a great Negroni somewhere, and I might have changed my mind…
Wow! This place is very, very cool. A Cuban-themed homage to classic cocktails, perfectly made and served, from the guys behind Dead Rabbit. They served up a sensational Southside when I dropped in.
Just the right amount of dive for a great sessionable bar. From Kathleen Turner, the boozy slushie machine, to a deadly Last Word, this is a place for long, late nights.


You gotta love a bar so committed to gin that they put it in the name. Hidden entrance, copper bathtub and Four Pillars Gin behind the bar…this is definitely a new New York City happy place for me.
4. Dante
Home to some of the best drink-slinging Australians in New York, and also to a quite sensational list of 12 different variations on a Negroni. Get here for apertivo hour, and stay all night.
Not much to be said about this place that hasn’t been written already. New York City’s legendary Milk & Honey reincarnated, retooled, renamed and more awesome than ever.
Pouring Ribbons / Photo: Paul Wagtouicz

Pouring Ribbons / Photo: Paul Wagtouicz

Now offering a quarterly-themed menu, with springtime celebrating the flavors of the Silk Road. Huge creativity and attention to detail in some unique gin drinks.
A great bar, a little off the beaten path. Committed to cricket and drinking, just like every great Australian. What’s not to love?
Okay, that’s seven. But that’s a lucky number, right? And I didn’t even mention the superb Up & Up or Employees Only or Extra Fancy.

Like I said, the list could be different next week. Or after another drink!


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