Four Cleansers That Will Keep Your Skin Fresh And Hydrated During Winter

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Featured

It’s already end-November, which means Thanksgiving is here. That also means time for a much-needed break. And the break away from the office, makeup and tight clothing make it a great time to give your skin a little more focus and maybe try out some new products. Here are four cleansers and masks we’ve been particularly excited about this fall — and will continue to be in winter as the temps start dropping. Some of them have particularly been lifesavers on busy mornings.


AHAVA Mineral Radiance

The Mineral Radiance Mud Mask and Cleansing Gel from AHAVA are great for a little detox and bringing some glow back to your skin. Long hours in the office and less time in sunlight already have my skin looking a little more tired, but these instantly give it a fresh feel. The cleanser contains jojoba oil and Signaline S™, to invigorate the skin while cleansing, while the mud mask (which you only need to wear for 2 minutes! Talk about a lifesaver for this busy lady) hydrates and refreshes, perfect for the months of cold and dry winds in the city.


These three cleansers from L’Oréal Paris have been one of my favorite hacks this fall. A master procrastinator and always running a few minutes behind, I don’t often have time to sit down and put on a mask (though I do like it when I do, oh the sweet sound of self-pampering). With these cleansers, they’ve managed to work clay — the detoxifying ingredient found in many face masks — into the formulas, giving you all its benefits in a shorter amount of time. They come in three variations, Detox and Brighten, Exfoliate and Refine, and Purify and Mattify, so you can choose the right one based on your skin’s needs.


SkinCeuticals Cleansers

SkinCeuticals is a brand well-known for its dedication to “provide advanced skincare backed by science.” So if you’re looking for a brand you can count on, SkinCeuticals might just be for you. Earlier this fall, they put out two new cleansers. The cream-to-foam Replenishing Cleanser boasts surfactant technology that deeply cleanses skin of dirt, debris and impurities while simultaneously replenishing the skin barrier, while the Soothing cleanser is great for those of us with sensitive skin. It gently and effectively cleanses skin of dirt, debris, impurities, and makeup with botanical extracts that soothe and comfort skin.



Tried-and-true, Clarisonic remains a favorite. There’s just a luxurious feel to turning on your brush and gently letting it massage your face while removing the daily grime. Its variety and customization in everything from brushes and brush heads to cleansers make it easy to find something for your skin needs and its effectiveness (the PowerCleanse setting removes impurities, sunscreen, and makeup six times better than hands alone!) makes it perfect for leaving your skin refreshed and clean in no time.

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