Food Trucks to Track Down This Summer

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Dining, Downtown Eats Guides

Good food is on the move this summer.

But food trucks are no fleeting trend, and there’s certainly no shortage of on-wheels cuisine in New York City. Some stand-alone restaurants and franchises, like Eddie’s Pizza, have made the transition into food-truckery, while other classic rolling eats, like Wafels & Dinges, have been trucks since day one.

Sometimes it feels like there are as many food trucks in the city as there are cabs, which can make the search for the best a tricky one. Downtown’s done the sifting and sorting for you and rounded up the best food trucks to track down. These are worth the jaunt and the roadside dining.

For tacos:

Photo courtesy of Tacos Morelos 

Tacos Morelos

The search for the best taco in New York is a tiresome one. With so many delicious tacos, corn and tortilla shells alike, how can one taco reign supreme? In an episode of Netflix’s Master of None, characters Dev and Arnold ask themselves this very question, eventually deciding on Tacos Morelos, the Queens-based taco truck. When they finally make it to the truck, they’re sold out of tacos. But if you move with a purpose, you may just have a shot at tasting one of their fresh, authentic tacos. Better get moving.

Home base: 9413 37th Ave, Jackson Heights 


For hot dogs:

Photo courtesy of Papaya King

Papaya King 

If there’s one New York food that’s always within reach, it’s a hot dog. For somewhere in the neighborhood of $2, you can walk outside your door and have a juicy frank in your hands within five minutes. But there’s one classic joint that’s been serving up the best in New York since 1932: Papaya King. They have five locations and hit the streets with a food truck in 2014. If it’s good enough for Julia Child, it’s good enough for us.

Home base: Midtown, but check Twitter for more information.


For dessert:

Photo courtesy of Wafels & Dinges 

Wafels & Dinges

In Belgium, “dinges” is a slang word for “whatchammacallit.” However, we know what to call this next food truck: delicious. Wafels & Dinges is a New York classic. The truck got its start in 2007, and the popularity of the Belgian fare has since burgeoned into multiple locations and a kiosk at Central Park. In addition to their excellent waffles, they also serve ice cream, pastries and coffee.

Home base: Visit the site’s location map


For pizza:

The Eddie’s Pizza Truck

Eddie’s Pizza is famous for its “bar pie”: a 270 calorie paper-thin pizza that tastes like an Italian slice of heaven. They have a loyal and broad fan base: the pizzas were featured on “Good Morning America’s” segment, “America’s Best Bites”. Their New Hyde Park location opened in 1941, but you can catch them on the road too. Currently, they’re making the events and catering routes. Hi, bar pie.

Home base: 2048 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park


For Greek food:

Uncle Gussy’s

This authentic Greek food truck serves up family-made cuisine to satisfy even the most intense gyro cravings. The truck is run by two brothers, and they named it for their uncle, who also owned a food truck in New York City circa 1971. The burgers, pita, sausage and veggies are as fresh as they come. Don’t miss Uncle Gussy’s one this summer.

Home base: 345 Park Ave.


For coffee:

Photo courtesy of Mudtruck

The Mudtruck

With the goal of abolishing the generic coffee blues in mind, Mud coffee is home to brews like the Hippie blend, Mudmojo, Mudpeople, and for the purposes of this story, the Mudtruck blend. You can’t miss the bright orange truck as it sweeps through the city spreading joy and caffeine.

Home base: Astor Place

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