Floral Company UrbanStems Offers On-Demand Delivery

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Downtown Living, Fashion, Lifestyle


UrbanStems is a floral delivery startup that originated in Washington, D.C. in 2014 and has since multiplied, setting up shop in select D.C. suburbs, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Cofounders, Ajay Kori and Jeff Sheely, established the brand with the objective of launching a contemporary alternate to delivering flowers, free of mishaps like late deliveries and dead flowers or leaves.

All of their bouquets are made in-house, and they are an on-demand delivery service, which allows customers to order bouquets only one hour before they will reach their destination. Following delivery, an automated email is sent to the recipient of the flowers with a photo of the bouquet, the time of delivery, order number and the option to refer a friend in exchange for store credit.

Unlike customary floral delivery shops in Manhattan, UrbanStems won’t break your bank. They offer rotating seasonal arrangements (i.e., predesigned bouquets available for delivery quarterly) that don’t exceed $48. This summer, The Heather bouquet is $45, and the Signature Mix is only $35.

Although UrbanStems’ brand is young, their methodical business structure and zeal for customer service have allowed them to grow rapidly. This past February, they received $1.5 million from a large group of investors spearheaded by Middeland Capital, a private investment firm based in D.C.

To learn more about UrbanStems business ventures or to order a bouquet, visit their website.


-by Katie Garry

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