Fitness Friday: SoulCycle Keeps on Spinning

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Exercise, Health & Fitness

Elle Woods didn’t say it first, but she said it well: exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. And happiness feeds the soul. That’s the ideology behind SoulCycle, the spin class dynasty that got its start on the Upper West Side in 2006.

SoulCycle ushered in a new cycling craze, and along with it a new wave of cycling fanatics. Their upbeat brand of spinning classes have remained steadfastly popular over the last few years, with a following of around 440,000 active riders.

SoulCycle studios are flecked around the country, but NYC is the hotspot on the map with 19 studios, including quite a few Downtown locations (such as TriBeCa, Financial District, and West Village, to name a few convenient spots). Two founders were at the forefront of the company, but now SoulCycle employs around 1,500 people.

The SoulCycle ideology preaches jubilant and joyful fitness practices. Instructors lead riders in classes that incorporate upbeat music, dance, soft lighting and encouraging words, perpetuating a whole new level of cardio training.

One such instructor is Logan Trammell, who leads classes at studios in NYC and the Hamptons. Born and raised in New York, Trammell focuses on music, dance and their influences on our lives. Downtown had the pleasure of attending one of his classes at SoulCycle this morning, and we were thrilled to experience the upbeat class.

While Trammell stays near the front of the room for most of the class, he finds a way to encourage everyone in the room. Riders of all ages kept rhythm with the music while getting a great workout at the same time.

SoulCycle works up a sweat, but it works up a smile too. The upbeat music coupled with the encouraging atmosphere make the class a fun experience, rather than another drudgery of a workout.

Trammell, whose devotees include Kelly Ripa, uses his background in hip hop and martial arts to bring extra flare to his SoulCycle classes. He’s also the founder and co-owner of East Side Dance Co., a hip hop dance studio that focuses on creating a safe and creative space for children ages pre-k to high school.

SoulCycle’s continuous recruitment of energetic new trainers like Trammell is proof that this almost religion of spin classes is here to stay. They’re not the only spin class in the city, but they were the first to offer an environment that focuses on encouragement and positivity while still yielding transformative results.

Check out Trammell’s schedule to grab a bike in one of his classes, or check out the schedules of other instructors and locations on SoulCycle’s website.

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