Fitness Friday: 5 Must-Have Activewear Brands

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Fashion, Health & Fitness

Here at Downtown, we strongly believe that fitness and being active is crucial and along with that, we affirm the saying, “when you look good, you feel good.”

Activewear is becoming more and more popular and continuously new and old brands come out with activewear lines to look your best while doing your best. These lines include tank tops, jackets, vests, leggings, pants, skirts… You get the point. There are many ways to be active, for example, playing tennis, doing yoga, or boxing, but is best done dressed right to make you feel your best — before, during and after your workout.

Here are our top 5 activewear brands Downtown Magazine can’t get enough of, and we are positive you will look AND feel good.

361 Degrees

Photo courtesy of 361 Degrees

At 361 Degrees, they sell activewear in a variety of colors and patterns, creating a fun, colorful look for a fun workout. Selling award winning shoes and apparel — everything from tops, sports bras, bottoms, and jackets, to a a few accessories, including unisex beanies and socks, this brand is all you need. Especially a great brand for runners, it has a line of footwear specifically for running or training — but can be used for every activity!

Tory Sport

Photo courtesy of Tory Sport

If you’re a fitness guru as well as a fashionista, this Tory Burch spinoff is the brand for you. Tory Sport was launched as designer performance activewear for women. Its goal is to modernize workout gear and balance style and function creating elegance in sportswear as well as aims to embrace ambition. Offering everything from clothing, shoes, and accessories, it specializes in six different categories: tennis, running, golf, studio, coming & going, and swim. Tory Sport is the whole package, providing a variety of fabulous options for a fashionable output.


Photo courtesy of Pheel

Made of hand picked Brazilian fabrics, Pheel’s colors, quality and patterns are spot on. Everything from its tops and leggings has body contouring and slimming lines, making you look your absolute best! And even better? Every piece is made in the US, so you can wear it with a good conscience. The pieces are always stylish and are mostly inspired by current fashion trends, which means you can wear it day into night, gym to street, or just for a relaxing afternoon on the couch.


Photo courtesy of Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s activewear line, Fabletics, is becoming sensational all around the world, with stores opening and sales going up. Its stylish active, fitness, and workout gear has everything you could imagine, and is customer-driven through offering monthly-paid memberships that allows you to customize your wants and provides outfits chosen for you, along with offering VIP prices. Fabletics always keeps you in style — in the gym or just on the go, you will be content.


Photo courtesy of Everlast

While many associate Everlast with boxing, the brand is much more — not only does it sell a great deal of fitness equipment, it also have a wide range of quality apparel promoting high performance at all levels. It’s stocked with a variety of tops, sports bras, bottoms, and jackets for all activities. Keeping up with boxing though, Everlast has a limited amount of accessories, including training gear for boxing, as well as specialized footwear specifically for boxing. Available at Sears


Lastly, always remember the full circle: look good. feel good. do good.

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