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by | Aug 9, 2018 | Entertainment, Events, Lifestyle

Costas Picadas exhibition explores the limits of reality through dreamlike photographs. The Odon Wagner Gallery of Ontario will host Picadas’ first Canadian exhibition, from September 27th through October 20th, so that Canada too can experience Picadas’ unique collections.

exhibition Costas Picadas

Costas Picadas Artist

The exhibition at Odon Wagner will feature 17 photographs, all of which depict scenes that are familiar yet hypnotically alien.  Picadas captures both natural, and urban landscapes. Picadas’ use of architectural elements and nature, coupled with his technological techniques, yields images that feel classic but experiment with the digital world. Picadas highlights the often overlooked significance of familiar surroundings through such techniques.



Although his images are appealing, what is most captivating about Picadas’ work is what is left out of the image. What remains unshown, like who lives in some of these obscure buildings, prompts the viewer to question the reality of the time and space depicted in the photographs. The observer is placed into Picadas’ potentially alternative reality, engulfing the viewer in the unknown.


Image courtesy of Costas Picadas


Picadas is applauded for his ability to create surreal images that incorporate light, philosophy, science, and energy into art. Thus he stimulates the mind, and sensation, in tandem.

Costas Picadas was born in Ioannina, Greece. However, he now lives and works in New York City. His Greek roots, and New York experiences, have both influenced his art.  “I’ve been living in NY for 25 years, so most of the work comes from regions in New York City as well as from my homeland in Greece”, says Picadas.


Image courtesy of Costas Picadas

Picadas is excited about “the opportunity to reach out to the Canadian population, to introduce them to my work, and to get their reactions”.

Costas Picadas has been featured in many local venues such as the Queens Museum, the Budman Gallery, and the Denise Bibro Gallery. As Picadas expands his artistic influence into Canada, more individuals get the pleasure of viewing sophisticated and intellectual art.

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