Erno Laszlo Masks Are Perfect for Summer Rejuvenation

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Is your skin looking dull after that crazy night out with the ladies? Summer is fantastic, but too much Frosé can have some less than ideal side effects on your skin.

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Luxury bespoke skincare brand, Erno Laszlo, has just launched a new range of Dual-Phase Peel-Off masks aimed at millennials and specifically designed to offer a customized skin-rejuvenating experience.

Downtown sat down with the brand’s chief marketing officer, Kristy Watson, to talk about the new product launch, what really constitutes as personalized skincare and her new-found love of Brooklyn.

“There really is no one size fits all”, said Kristy. “The DNA of our brand is that everyone has unique skin. Our founder, Erno Laszlo, used to formulate and create products individually for his clientele. We’re trying to keep this the authentic core of the brand alive and by introducing new flavors, we’re able to do that.”Erno Laszlo have used ancient traditional Korean methods to create the Dual-Phase Peel-Off masks. The range includes two new products, which are made with potent botanical ingredients, each designed to work its own magic.

The blue, which will firm and lift, and the white, which has brightening and lightening capabilities.The original Dual-Phase Peel-Off is the pink mask, the company best-seller.

“The pink mask has been here since the 80s, it became a very popular product over in Asia. We have a prominent business in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The Asian customer isn’t afraid to ‘do it yourself’ and mix components,” Kristy added.

“These days, everyone is so in tune with their phones, everything is mobile and they have a curated inbox of ideas that fit into their lives. What we’re finding really interesting is this new, the older millennial. She’s savvy and understands what she’s putting on her skin.”

Downtown tried the lighten and brighten mask. The product comes in two quirky plastic bags decorated with polka dots.

Mixing is easy; first, pour the contents of the first bag – the powder – into a small bowl. Then, slowly pour the gel from the second bag on top. Mix it together with the spatula provided in the package and voilà – you’ve got yourself a mask in a soft, gel-ish consistency.

Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, wash off and you should be left with a radiant glow. We definitely saw results but the instant effects wore off within the hour. The following day however, the overall skin tone had improved.

Top tip: spread the mixture on your face the moment you’ve finished blending, it sets very, very quickly.


Blue Firmarine Lift Face Mask (Firm & Lift)
While we all appreciate an expertly mixed aperitif, alcohol will dehydrate and strip your body of important vitamins. This mask promises to give it a boost of much needed moisture and straighten out lines. It contains powerful algae actives used to restore elasticity including Spirulina Maxima and Pullulan.

White Marble Bright Face Mask (Brighten & Lighten)
If your make-up routine includes constantly applying foundation in an attempt to hide discolouration and dark spots, you’ll love this mask. As the title says, it’ll lighten and brighten, and remove hyperpigmentation with invigorating ingredients including Licorice Extract, Lemon Extract and Jojoba Seed oil.

So what’s next for Erno Laszlo?

“We want to continue evolving and bring in new customers,” said Kristy. “We’re launching in Anthropologie and Bloomingdale’s in the fall and there’s a lot happening in Asia. I travel a lot with work and have been to 12 countries so far this year. It’s great to see all these different cultures voting yes for our brand.”

Kristy has also just moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn with her husband, who works as a technical engineer in the Financial District.

“I’ve had a rebirth. Living in the West Village and SoHo, you get used to those walks. Now, I’m obsessed with Prospect Park and running on the Brooklyn Bridge. I feel like I live in the suburbs but it’s still very city.”

Whether you’re on the island, across the bridge or on holiday, make sure to look after your skin this summer. Treat yourself to a mask or a good face cream with SPF. If you fancy a splurge, a session at the luxurious Erno Laszlo Institute, where you can enjoy everything from  microdermabrasion to LED Light Therapy.
Photos courtesy of Erno Laszlo

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