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Steeper, a device to easily brew hot or cold tea

During the summer, it gets hot and all we ever think about is ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. But another way to cool off during the summer (and heat up during the winter) is tea! This company has been around for a while now, and became so popular so quickly that it has expanded dramatically over the past few years. With 150 stores located in Canada and United States, there is no way one can miss this fabulous tea store; DAVIDsTEA.

DAVIDsTEA opened in 2008 in Canada and it quickly gained popularity because of the unique teas that are sold at each store. Customers can purchase teas from different categories like herbal tea, iced tea or oolong tea. Although there are 150 stores in the countries of Canada and United States, there are only 25 locations in the U.S. and three in Manhattan. Luckily enough there is one in lower Manhattan right on Bleecker Street nestled between Jones street and Cornelia street. So what makes DAVIDsTEA so special?

The first thing that everyone would notice once they step inside a store is the smell of all the displayed teas. It almost smells like a perfume shop, but more colorful and bubbly. The second thing a customer will notice is the display of teas on the wall. A select few stores have each tea sectioned off in categories which makes it easier for customers to tell which tea is organic, white, herbal, or caffeine free.

tea stock

Erika Santillana, the district brand manager for all DAVIDsTEA stores located in New York, comments that “what David [Segal, who is the co-founder of DAVIDsTEA] wants is to make tea fun and accessible to everyone . .. there is obviously such a variety [and] so much fun you can have with [tea].”

Erika continues to say “every season, we have a new collection that comes out, just like fashion we have the fall collection, the winter collection, the summer collection and the spring collection.” Currently the summer collection includes the delicious flavors of ‘mango fruit punch,’ ‘black cherry,’ and ‘banana split’. There are also monthly flavors to enjoy; the  July flavor of the month is ‘electric lemonade.’ This lemonade-flavored tea includes the ingredients of lemon, berries and yerba mate.

When customers visit the store, they can have the chance to smell whatever flavor of tea they wish to smell. “How is this possible?” one may ask. Each tea is put into a container and has a small cup-like section that is filled with the un-brewed tea. With these sniffers, customers are allowed to smell and feel the tea before buying it loose, hot or cold.

If customers would like to make tea at home, they can in one of two ways; by steeping, or with a matcha maker. “The steeper is one of our popular products,” comments Erika, “and it is used to make latte and cold tea . . .the matcha maker makes it easier to make matcha tea on the go.” There is also an infuser inside the matcha maker which allows one to make hot tea.

Not only does DAVIDsTEA sell tea, steepers and matcha makers, but they also sell bottles (otherwise known as DAVIDsTEA travel mugs)  and containers for tea. With the concern about the environment and toxins and chemicals that can destroy the environment, DAVIDsTEA helps promote eco-friendliness by selling travel mugs. When a customer buys a travel mug between June 3 and August 23 they can buy the tea of the day for $1.00 or any other tea for $2.00.

So any tea lovers that have not tried a tea from DAVIDsTEA are missing out. With all the wonderful, colorful teas in stock, there is no way that one can past by the store without stepping in. Stay cool this blazing summer with DAVIDsTEA!chai co co

-By Gaelle Gilles
*Photos: Courtesy of Jasemin Zacharko


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