Earth Day 2018

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Check out downtown’s picks for Earth Day 2018. Get out celebrate and be good to our Mother Earth.

The ANDI Midnight Metal, the most highly sought after ANDI is now back and better than ever with enhanced fabrication and an upgraded tonal accent. The signature ANDI is designed and crafted as an ideal carrying companion for the plane, the weekend or a full day with necessary accouterments. It is sized to fit a laptop computer + change of shoes and clothes + additional accessories. $198


Eva Salon and Spa Earth Day 2018 – offers the best earth-friendly facial using Eminence Organic products. It’s impossible to put your best face forward unless your skin is nourished and glowing.  Eve’s seasoned estheticians perform wonders on your skin in a soothing atmosphere, guaranteeing you’ll feel just as good as your skin looks. Eve’s Essential Facials are great for any type of skin and are fully customizable to your skin type and/or sensitivities.  Specialty Facials focus on concerns like aging to acne skin. If you are not sure which one to choose, one of their professional estheticians will be happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation, to help decide which treatment is best for you. Either way, you cannot go wrong with anyone of Eve’s treatments.


Earth Day 2018: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect Arbor Shopper Tote Bag Earth-friendly: reusable, recyclable, hand washable tote is a perfect alternative to throw-away plastic bags. Be sure to order one now they are truly lightweight, easy to wash and portable.

Downtown’s team are all cyclists it’s the best way to get around New York or any city. When we heard about Critical Cycles, and what they were offering for Earth Day 2018 we just had to share.

This bike brand is designed for the “casual outdoorsman” is dedicated to giving back and will celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree through PlantABillion.Org for every order placed during Earth Week, 4/16-4/22. Their hope is that people who order bikes, use them as a commuting alternative to driving a car as the warm weather approaches. Their city bikes are a great way to get around in style – no driving and pollution involved!

Benefits, a new bike and they give back to Earth Day 2018!




As Earth Day approaches, we wanted to share our new favorite earth-friendly detergents. HEX Performance Advance Detergent, a first-of-its-kind innovative eco-friendly detergent founded by a former pro-athlete. HEX is the most effective–and safest–detergent for workout clothes. Unlike traditional detergents that simply mask odors with strong fragrances, HEX ELIMINATES odor caused by bacteria, mildew, and sweat from ALL fabrics (made for hard-to-clean synthetics but can be used on traditional fabrics such as cotton, as well).  HEX delivers a powerful clean while remaining green: deep cleaning stains and filth trapped inside clothing while remaining eco-friendly, skin-friendly and biodegradable.

  • HEX‘s eco-friendly formula is nearly clear and pours like water without all the extra ‘gunk’ weighing down your clothes–and the environment.
  • Contains no dyes, no fillers, no phosphatesno optical brighteners, and no fragrances in the Free + Clear formula which is dermatologist tested and found to be non-allergenic



Plocka (pick up in Swedish) + Jogging = Plogging!
You may not have heard of Plogging before, but it’s taking over the planet by those who want to save it! This year for Earth Day, Gixo is teaming up with America Walks to clean the streets with their Earth Day Plogging Party! Check out our Plogging video here. Users can sign up to participate here.

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