Drybar Blows Out The Competition

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Does your ‘do need a bit of revival? Or perhaps it just needs a lift after a long day? Sometimes hair needs a bit of R&R before a night out on the town. If you’re looking for a place to fix up your hair without all the hassle of color treatments and cuts can, then be sure to try drybar. Drybar, located in both California and New York, doesn’t offer haircuts or color treatments–just blowouts. Their philosophy is relatively simple: we should treat our hair in a salon the same way that we treat our palates in a restaurant. Sometimes, hair just needs the taste of a quality product and treatment to look like new. Take a peek at the menu and satisfy hair’s cravings from root to tip.


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Believe it or not, not all blowouts are alike. Customers choose from a variety of drybar blowouts, from a “Hair Shot” to a “Shirley Temple”–the treatment offered to those ages ten and under. End results vary from a sleek and straight “Manhattan” hairdo to a “Southern Comfort”style, which is drybar’s term for big and curly. Drybar has six locations here in the New York; Downtown’s is in Tribeca, on 180 West Broadway. After you’ve fallen in love with your drybar, you can even host your own private party if you wish to introduce friends to the scene. Drybar’s event planner can manage everything, from bridal showers to sweet sixteens. You can also purchase the salon’s products to spruce up your hair if you wish to try some home styling.

If your hair needs revival, but you’re not looking for any drastic treatment, drybar is the place to be! Check it out before a night out, or if you just want a fresh-looking ‘do.

-Kelly Fleming


Image: drybar Media


Image: drybar Media


Image: drybar Media

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