Downtown Highlights: Senza Gluten – 100% Gluten-Free

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Welcome back to Downtown Highlights on Gluten-Free

The series in which we take the opportunity to “highlight” businesses in NYC, like the dedicated gluten-free Italian eatery, Senza Gluten.

As a result to this unpredictably tumultuous year and a half we’ve had, brick and mortar locations like this one have taken a hit thanks to the pandemic.

It is important to us here at Downtown to make sure that we’re serving the places that serve us. 

For this episode of Downtown Highlights, we paid a visit to the esteemed Senza Gluten in Greenwich Village. The name Senza Gluten has Italian origins, of course, and translates to “without Gluten”.




The restaurant was created in 2014, by Chef Jemiko Solo.

Chef’s goal in opening Senza was simple: to ensure a 100% gluten-free atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a gluten-free meal, devoid entirely of gluten or any risk of cross-contamination. You won’t find a spec of gluten inside the entire facility. 

Our own host of Downtown Highlights, Marley Gifford, has celiac disease herself, visiting the facility was a euphoric experience as it is for many visitors of Senza Gluten with gluten intolerances.




A Restaurant Made for those with Gluten Intolerances – Gluten-Free

Chef Solo does not have any gluten intolerances himself. However, many of his friends and relations suffer from various food allergies.

Chef made it his mission to help his friends, and all clients enjoying their food, and life, to the fullest.

He dedicates his work to ensure that his guests can again enjoy delicious dishes that disguise themselves as tasting just like the glutinous dishes we know and love.

Having the ability to eat glutinous dishes allows Solo to taste his dishes with an advantage, and gets him closer to the real thing.

The gluten-free possibilities don’t stop at the restaurant. Just down the street from the restaurant is the Senza Gluten Cafe & Bakery, which was opened in 2018.


Shortbread Cookies


This location allows the restaurant to expand its menu of different kinds of bread, pastries, and other baked goods. It is there that they also bake some of their savory dishes, like their arancini and mushroom ravioli, both Senza must-try.




Pay a visit to Senza Gluten and bring both your gluten-free friends and ones that aren’t. We bet they’ll barely be able to tell the difference.

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