by | Nov 14, 2016 | Fashion

Piquadro is company, specializing in the production of leather items. It was founded in 1987 in a little town halfway between Florence and Bologna. The name Piquadro means “P squared,” with “P” standing for both Palmieri, the surname of the founder and current Chairman and CEO Marco Palmieri,  and pelletterie, “leather goods” in Italian.

Its headquarters is a futuristic building. It is entirely made in metal and glass reminiscent of a spaceship. In this collection, Piquadro offers a wide range of professional leather goods, bags, trolleys and a wide selection of small leather accessories in which style combines with calculated practicality and reliability for business, travel and the intense pace of contemporary life. The leathers are supplied by trusted producers, exclusively Italian, with a preference for the Tuscan tanning district whose ancient tradition makes it the best known and most celebrated in the world.

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