Designer Spotlight: Keinejad Jeans

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Fashion

“If perfection does not exist, design it” -Diana Keinejad

Keinejad is a premium denim label designed and created locally in downtown Los Angeles by Norwegian-American designer Diana Keinejad. Keinejad merges European culture with edgy L.A. style. The brand speaks to fashion-forward millennials with modern denim fits without compromising on comfort. High-quality fabrics are sourced from around the world but cut and manufactured in the heart of the City of Angels.

Growing up in Norway, designer Diana Keinejad discovered her calling early in life, as her talents were first recognized by the prestigious Hempel Awards in China in 2003, when she was still a teenager. Her passion for perfection brought her international acclaim from the Saga Fur Awards in Denmark to the most sought after circles of Los Angeles.

Keinejad’s combination of European elegance and Los Angeles edginess have already created a cult-like following among tastemakers and the jetset. Without sacrificing her passion for luxury, each piece is handcrafted with the finest quality Japanese, Italian, and domestic materials found across the globe. Keinejad’s denim line is made in Los Angeles and sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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