Designer Daun Curry’s 5 Tips to Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

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Since we are all adjusting to working from home these days, we tapped award-winning interior designer Daun Curry for some advice on how to balance it all. As Daun is currently operating her design business from home, she’s reflected on the importance of making your space a sanctuary while in quarantine.

Interior Designer Daun Curry’s 5 Tips to Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary While in Quarantine

“A sanctuary should be all about personal preference and livable luxury. There is nothing more comforting than curling up in fresh new bed linens or on that lived-in piece of furniture you have loved for years. It’s surprising how much the energy of your space can change by simply livening it up with warm, earthy palettes, and infusing it with soothing scents, fresh-cut flowers, and cozy throws. Below are some of my easy-to-accomplish tips on how to turn your home into your own personal sanctuary.” – Daun Curry

1) Throw Family Dinners and Brunches

Design by Daun Curry; Photograph by Emily Gilbert.

A formal dining room or any dining vignette and/or breakfast nook in a home can form a beautiful focal point, but it needs to be used! One of life’s great pleasures is bringing people together to share a meal, and it’s a shame that so many dining rooms sit unused. It’s tempting to keep a dining areas perfectly styled and photo-ready, but as we are all confined to our homes, it has become increasingly apparent how important breaking bread with family can be. A beautifully designed room really shines when it’s full of people to bring it to life—this is the time to be grateful and share with the ones we love. You won’t regret the wonderful memories you will create.

2) Invest in Quality Textiles

Design by Daun Curry; Photograph by Emily Gilbert.

Nothing lets a room down more than tired linens and textiles, and a great way to kick off a fresh new vibe is by giving your bedroom a refresh with new bed linens. You spend a third of your life sleeping, so don’t cut corners with this—go with serene neutrals and interesting textures for a calming and restorative night’s sleep.

3) Declutter the Closet

Design by Daun Curry; Photograph by Emily Gilbert.

It might sound like a cliche, but our new home-bound reality offers the perfect opportunity to give your closet some long overdue attention. We’re not talking about a once-a-year purge—but a commitment to maintaining a closet that’s chic, organized, and a place where you actually feel inspired when getting dressed in the morning. There is nothing more important than keeping to a healthy routine right now—and that involves getting dressed for the day. An organized closet will offer a simplicity of ease in selecting an ensemble to start the day off on a positive note.

4) Bring in Biophilic Design Elements

Design by Daun Curry; Photograph by Emily Gilbert.

Incorporating nature into the built environment is a primary tenet of biophilic design. With an increased focus on wellbeing and the effect on the population at large by incorporating these design elements, it’s no wonder the trend is here to stay. While we don’t necessarily have every option available to us, the simplicity of adding in fresh cut flowers—even wildflowers—adds a surprising amount of cheer. In addition, don’t take the benefits of natural light for granted. A sunlit room can make all the difference—open your curtains! Rearrange your workstations so that the sunlight pours in and livens up your mood and your space. There is a reason light therapy lamps are made to combat winter blues and darker days—light helps your body stay in tune with the natural rhythms designed to inform your internal body clock.

5) Aromatherapy

Design by Daun Curry; Photograph by Emily Gilbert.

There are a multitude of studied benefits in regards to the use of aromatherapy to enhance your psychological and physical wellbeing. From including droplets of serenity-enhancing essential oils, such as lavender on pillows, linens, and in baths, to the aroma of fresh flowers and scented candles, it’s all about creating an inviting ambiance to promote relaxation and rest.

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